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Taking a chance and understanding what motivates us.

There are a number of fears that hold us back from achieving what we truly want and need. Fear is the object preventing us from reaching our true potential.

Maslow’s theory “Hierarchy of needs” is aimed at understanding what motivates individuals. In his theory the base need of all people is our physiological needs, which boils down to the basics we need for survival – air, food, water, etc. This is followed by safety needs, which manifest as an innate desire for security; love and belonging that is most evident from how people seek out others; esteem that manifests a need to be respected by oneself and by others; and ultimately self-actualisation – where you reach your ultimate goals and realise your dreams.

It is only once the basic need is met that we can start to move forward to the next level of the hierarchy. As we move through the processes of life we tend to get stuck and even move downwards down the hierarchy. The obstacle that often forces us to move downwards on the hierarchy is called fear – fear of the unknown. By taking that fear and converting it into an emotion of change, we take charge and the resultant movement forward edges you toward your personal achievement.

Taking a chance is usually a break in the comfort barrier. From my personal experience, to identify the object that is keeping you back, you have to envisage the end result. In this process of envisaging this potential end result we are sometimes easily overwhelmed by past failures and it is at that point that we tend to lose the feeling of personal achievement. So we revert back to what we know instead.

As a precursor to the highest level on the Hierarchy of needs, I believe we should add our own step: “Taking a chance”. There can be no forward motion in this Hierarchy of needs if we do not take a chance. To reach your ultimate goal, you will have to take a chance at some point and you have to own that risk that you take. Yes, role players and motivators can play an important part, but the key to unlocking your personal potential is dependent on how big of a step you are willing to take. Own your chance and own your destiny!

Author: William Carter

William Carter – Freelance writer that likes writing about actual events that are relevant to the time we are in. My passion is people, we are so diverse in many ways, my opinion might not be yours but in today’s world we all have the right to opinions and formulations. It is nice to be able to debate and in the end be as we are

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  1. Joe said on 19-11-2014

    Great article and food for thought!

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