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You can prevent smash and grab! 

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Smash and grab

What is smash and grab?

Some pleasant rides have been turned into nightmares by people who pounce on unsuspecting drivers. They smash the window or open the unlocked door and grab whatever they regard as valuable.

It happens to both moving and stationary vehicles. Also at street front windows of residential or office premises. Applying some common sense, can prevent this from happening to you and a resultant insurance claim.

A few tips to prevent Smash and Grab theft 

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Don’t be Victimized

  • Don’t leave your cellphone or other valuables where they are visible in the car. This will lure thieves.
  • Lock all your doors and close all the windows. Thieves steal handbags and other valuables by opening car doors or even breaking windows while the car is stationary at traffic lights or stuck in slow-moving traffic.
  • Do not have bags and briefcases visible in the vehicle. Lock all valuables in the boot of your car or behind the seat if it is a pick-up truck.
  • Be constantly on the lookout for suspicious looking characters. Report them to the police.
  • When approaching the red traffic light at night on a quiet street, slow down so that you can only reach it when it turns green.
  • Be wary of people standing at traffic lights or intersections. They may be innocent but perpetrators mix with these people while waiting for an opportunity to pounce.
  • Never open your vehicle window or door for any stranger.
  • If you encounter obstacles in the road eg. rocks, tyres or even a person, do not get out of your vehicle to remove them or to help. Rather reverse and drive in the opposite direction. Then inform the police to check it out.
  • Thieves target car parks. Always park your car in attended parking lots.
  • When parking at night, ensure that you always park in a well-lit area.
  • Never sit in your vehicle without being conscious of your surroundings.
  • Sleeping in a stationary vehicle is particularly dangerous.
  • Always remove radios, CD or cassette players if possible.
  • Never leave children alone in a vehicle, not even for a moment.

This information was obtained from‎ and intended for your safety, but also to save you money and prevent loss of your valuables.

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