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You can help your child to be safe on the road!

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On a daily basis, we hear in the news about school children involved in car accidents whilst on their way from or to school, either by bicycle or on foot. Many of these accidents can be prevented if children and their parents know and adhere to the basic road safety rules.

Some rules are enforced by law, but many are just plain common sense. Parents should take time to discuss road safety with their children and save their lives. A few minutes of your time spent on such a discussion could also prevent your child from being maimed for life.

Could you live with yourself if it happens and you never made the effort?

Basic rules for pedestrians

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  • When crossing a street look right first, then left and right again to be sure there are no vehicles approaching.
  • On busy roads, always cross at the traffic light or stop street. Use the zebra-crossing or the scholar patrol when available.
  • Walk on the pavement where possible. When forced to walk on the motorway, walk on the right hand side facing the oncoming traffic.
  • Take special care at the exit and entrance of any vehicle drive ways.
  • Do not play chasing- and ball-games near a road.

Basic rules for cyclists

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  • Ensure that your child’s bicycle is roadworthy. Teach your child what to check.
  • The bicycle should have a bell.
  • If you need to ride in bad light, your bike must have a light.
  • Wear a helmet at all times. It could save your life.
  • Ride on bicycle ways when and where possible.
  • Plan the route to school and choose the safest, not the shortest, way.
  • Don’t ride next to a buddy, always behind each other.
  • Give clear hand signals when turning.



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