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Get to know basic Self Defense Techniques

10 Safety Tips all Women should be aware of

Do you want to know what to do when you feel frightened, intimidated or when approached by a potential attacker?

We live in an increasingly violent society. Personal safety has become an issue of importance for women.

Every woman should know this about personal safety:

1.    Awareness.

The first line of self-defense which begins some time before actual physical contact. Awareness of your surroundings and your potential attacker’s expected line of attack. A criminal wants to surprise you. Act and appear confident.

2.    Gut instinct.

Call it sixth sense. Your intuition is a powerful insight into situations. Learn to trust this power and use it.

3.    Self-defense training.

Before signing up: a) Avoid martial arts studios teaching watered-down techniques that are unrealistic in an attack; b) The program should include realistic simulated assaults.

4.    Escape.

Always your best option. You are more likely to sustain Injury by going with the   predator    than if you run. Run, yell, throw a rock through a window–get attention! If he wants your purse, throw it one way and run the other.

5.    Right to fight.

Know that you CAN and SHOULD defend yourself physically even if the attacker don’t hit first. The odds of survival are far greater if you fight back. Aim for the eyes first and then the groin. Strike quickly and hard.

6.    Pepper spray.

It can be useful or useless. It doesn’t work on everyone. If it is in your purse, you will waste time getting it out. Never depend on self-defense weapons, trust your body and your wits.

7.    Home invasions.

It happens more often. NEVER EVER open your door unless you know who it is or you can verify a legitimate reason for being there. Have a safe room where you can hide during a break-in, equipped with a strong door, lock, phone and pepper spray or fire extinguisher.

8.    Avoiding a car-jacking.

Lock all doors and keep windows up when driving. Most car-jackings take place at intersections. Criminals approach in the blind spot, and pull you out or jump in the passenger’s seat.

9.    Travel tip.

Violent crimes happen in all kinds of hotels anywhere. As with home safety, don’t open your door till you know the person is legitimate. Take a door wedge with you to secure the door.

10.  Cyber Safety.

The Internet offers many dangers. Communicate under a nickname and always keep personal information confidential. Let your family do the same. Stay up to date on Internet Safety.






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