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Safety Tips to keep your Child Safe

Accidents can happen anywhere in the home. Some safety hazards are obvious — others are not.

The following checklists should help you make your home a much safer place for children:

Safety Tips: Child’s Bedroom

<img src="child bedroom.jpg" alt="Child bedroom" width="117" height="108">

Keep your child’s bedroom hazard-free

 Safety belt for the changing table

 Any furniture made before 1978 were painted with poisonous lead based paint.

 Crib slats must be less than 6 centimeters apart

 The headboard and foot board should not have large cut-outs

 The mattress should be firm and flat and fit snugly in the crib

 A drop side on a crib is not advisable

 Remove soft pillows, large stuffed animals, bumper pads, and soft bedding

 Cut off loose strings from mobiles and crib toys

 Keep window blind and curtain cords well out of reach and away from cribs

 Secure dressers to a wall and drawers closed

 Lids on toy chests must have a lid support to keep them from slamming shut

 Place night-lights away from any fabric

 Let your child wear flame-retardant pajamas

 Fit a smoke alarm outside the bedroom

 Removed drawstrings from your child’s clothes

Safety Tips: Parent’s Bedroom

<img src="master bedroom.jpg" alt="Master bedroom" width="130" height="97">

Master bedroom: Lock all potentially dangerous items away.

 Keep medication, coins, scissors, and all sharp objects out of reach

 Secure blind and curtain cords out of reach

 Store firearms unloaded and un-cocked, in a locked safe out of reach of children. store ammunition separately. Keep keys where children can’t find it.

Safety Tips: Backyard and Pool Area

<img src=" boy in pool.jpg" alt="Boy in pool" width="130" height="97">

Make sure your child is safe in the pool

 Walkways and outdoor stairways must be well lit

 Keep sidewalks and outdoor stairways clear of concrete cracks or broken tiles

 Garbage cans to be securely covered.

 Be sure swings are free from rust, splinters, and sharp edges and securely fastened

 Surface under the swing should be soft enough to absorb the shock of a fall

 Fit a climb-proof fencing at least 1.2 meters high around the pool, with a self-closing gate and childproof lock

 Keep ladders securely stored away

Safety Tips: Other possible hazards:

208 x 156 white arum lilies next to water pond

Only keep non-poisonous plants in your home and garden

 Remove all poisonous houseplants

 Keep a no-smoking rule in your home to protect kids from environmental tobacco smoke

 Always keep an eye on your child around pets

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