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Keep your guard up to prevent vehicle crime!

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Be aware of your surroundings

Various methods are in place to assist motorists with road safety, but what about safety off the road?

Hijacking could take place in the driveway of a private residence, where it is least expected and our guard is completely down. Or in a parking lot. No matter where your vehicle is parked, be aware of your surroundings when moving to and from your car.

Remember to stay alert at all times, whether you are alone or in a group and regardless of how safe you feel in your surroundings. Emergency situations require hurried decisions and a few extra seconds could help you to make a proactive decision. If any person looks suspect, move away and get help. Rather be safe than sorry!

What to do in a hijack situation 

Not wishing this situation on anybody, but the following tips could save your life:

  • The hijackers are probably just as nervous as you are, ensure your actions are passive and controlled. Do not reach for your phone.
  • Try not to panic and do anything the hijackers may not be expecting. Breathe slow and deep.
  • Do not scream or make sudden movements, such as motioning with your hands.
  • Avoid eye contact with them and keep your hands where the hijackers can see them, ideally at chest level.
  • Quietly but clearly assure the hijackers that they can take the car. Speak in a calm and submissive voice.
  • Try to memorize the details of your assailants, how they look and what they are wearing. Also details of the environment.
  • Call any of the listed emergency numbers, once you are out of danger.
  • Report the incident to the police immediately.

Remember that your vehicle can be replaced, but not your life.



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