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Cancer insurance is an optional supplemental health insurance to assist in managing the risks of cancer. As a relatively new trend, it is meant to ease the costs of cancer treatment and therefore financial support to the policy holder. Support that is based on the terms of a policy. Premiums will depend on the risk related to covering the disease. Cancer Insurance emerged only around 50 years ago to meet demand coming from cancer sufferers.

Cancer insurance is not intended to replace standard health insurance coverage but to supplement such insurance by giving cover for a disease that often results in high medical costs. In recent years, new areas of cover developed such as uterine cancer and breast cancerin males. There are many types of plans that cover various forms of cancer.


Benefits of Coverage

Cancer insurance policies typically offer wellness benefits to help those suffering from cancer or at risk, to change to healthier lifestyles. These benefits can offer financial support for programs such as tobacco cessation, gym memberships, and dietary changes.

The insured may get access to information regarding healthy lifestyles and to wellness tests for early detection of disease. These tests include mammograms, Pap smear tests, colonoscopies and others.

The benefits are often designed to diminish the effects of cancer or encourage the prevention of it. Benefits differ amongst companies. Many benefits relate to medical expenses, which may include cancer treatment. Other benefits relate to non-medical costs such as transportation, food, home and child care and certain bills.

Coverage Concerns

Because of the risks of serious health issues such as cancer, Health Insurance companies often exclude coverage. Standard health insurance policies do not offer coverage for cancer. Therefore supplemental insurance policies, designed to cover cancer, will be useful. Eligibility to qualify for cancer insurance, vary from insurer to insurer and could sometimes pose a problem.

Some myths regarding cancer insurance are:

  • If I get sick, my policy will be canceled; which is untrue. As long as you pay the premium there is no reason to cancel your policy.
  • I have to use special health care facilities. This only applies to your health insurance, never to supplemental coverage
  • If I’ve had cancer before, I can’t get this plan, which is also far from the truth. If you’ve been cancer free for at least 5 to 10 years, you can apply for approval.



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The meaning of Nostalgia

“A sentimental longing or wistful affection for a period in the past.”

I love this word. And it’s meaning. And at this particular point in time in my life I treasure it with all my heart. See just a few months ago I was suffering from a very severe viral infection in my brain. The extreme fevers I had left me with a small percentage of brain damage. And yes, it is affecting my memory.

Luckily the damage is not permanent and it all should come back to me. And actually it did start last night. I was sitting on the couch going through some very old photos. At first glance many faces were strangers to me, but the more time I spent with these moments of yesteryear, the more there was that I started to remember.

I saw the good times, big smiles at weddings of my cousins and friends. I saw the sadness and tears where we said goodbye to a loved one at a funeral. I also saw and was reminded of the good I did when I was still at school. A warrior changing the world one act of kindness at a time.

And there it filled my heart and mind. I was blessed with the warmth overflow and glow of being nostalgic. I will lie if I say that I was not shedding a tear now and again. Looking at photos of my late grandmother and my late father immediately recalled the many happy Christmas times spent together as a happy family. Many cakes at many birthday parties show a colorful kaleidoscope of fun and joy. And let’s not forget the proud evening when I was sworn in as junior mayor.

School years are forever captured too and when I looked at some of the fashion statements from back then I couldn’t help but think oh my word, really?

Yes, looking at all these old photos made me all nostalgic and made me wish those who are gone were still here. It also made me wishes to go back in time and fix mistakes I made.

But then I realized I am in the here now. I know those loved ones who passed are waiting and one day we will be reunited again. I realized I cannot go back to fix mistakes and I probably made them to make me a stronger and better person. And with a heart filled with gratitude I realized my memory is coming back and yes, I will be ok and happy. Just as happy as I was in the photos staring back at me.

Yes, nothing like a dose of nostalgia to bring happiness and inner peace.


Author: Philip J Nel

Short bio: The author contributes articles to websites as a guest writer and specializes in the following topics: life’s trials and tribunals, people and their stories, animals, nature and religion. He is also a proud cancer survivor who has learnt many hard life lessons through the years. The author started writing at the age of 14 and has written several poems, short stories and a novel.

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The weather and our moods

Autumn / winter

Yes,  I have to agree that the weather does affect my mood.  For instance take this morning; I found this morning was most difficult to get out of bed.  We set the alarm for 05h30 and let it snooze until 06h00.  So I can ease into the day;  so to speak.  I try not to be moody but when it’s overcast and the sun isn’t shining and I don’t hear the birds singing in the garden I feel miserable and grumpy.  I believe it is called “Seasonal Affective Disorder” SAD.

I am depressed and it does take me some time to snap out of the mood, I tend to want to sleep-in until the sun comes out.  So when it is cold and the skies are grey and there just is not any sunshine around, those days I am depressed.  Then I notice things like I have ice cold hands and ice cold feet, it takes me ages to warm them.  I just feel like curling up and going to sleep.

Spring / summer

I suffer with some kind of allergy and when the season starts to change I will start sneezing.  I tend to be irritated and unapproachable early morning when it is cold.  I also have found I would rather keep to myself when I feel miserable so that makes me seem unapproachable.   As the season changes my mood either lifts or comes down.  It depends on the day.

I love waking up in the morning with the sun splashing into my bedroom, the birds singing and a slight breeze lifting my lace curtains.  I just cannot wait to jump out of bed, get the kids to school, my husband to work and start my day.

I enjoy the sun when I hang out the washing on the wash line and after all my chores I will go and sit down with a good book next to the swimming pool and read aloud.  It’s absolutely exhilarating to experience the warm sun on my skin and a slight breeze in my hair.  Sometimes I will sit on the side of the pool, book in hand and feet in the pool, swinging my leg as I read my book.  Those days are my favourite; drinking cold drink and snacking on a salad.

South African weather isn’t bad and I love most of my days, I do suffer every now and then with cold weather but in general, once I get my mind right I can enjoy the day, with a small attitude adjustment.


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Author:  Yvette van Niekerk

Biography: I have been writing my blog for the past couple of years and have been on Google+ for some time.  I love trying my hand at writing and hope to become a good writer.  I pray each day the Lord will inspire me to inspire people around me and give me the creativity I need to face the day.