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To make Resolutions  … or not

You know the funny thing is I will sit down and think of all the good things I want to do each year and really what I want to achieve.

I read Aunty Acid’s resolution “I can’t believe it’s been a whole year since I didn’t become a better person.”’  Aai – aai Aunty Acid works on her attitude.

I believe we need to be active in staying focused on our resolutions.  The bright and clever people tell me:

  • Write it down (typing doesn’t work apparently) it must be in your own handwriting.
  • Be specific about what it is you want to achieve.
  • Stay focused and read through these resolutions you have put in place.
  • By practicing it each day you empower yourself to become excellent – we all strife for excellence don’t we?
  • Think on your resolution as often as possible. I know according to the Bible it state “what a man thinketh he becometh.”  So when you stay tuned to your resolutions and think on it and I am sure this will absolutely lead to acting on it.

Please also note that your resolutions are your own and you should keep them to yourselves.  Why?  Well the thing is, you will find many people are ‘nay Sayers’.  They will listen to what you have planned and get jealous and start telling you ‘ah, that’s silly, why – would you want to learn how to love your family and friends.’  You think hmmm its true, it’s silly and then you leave it and go back to your old habits.

What’s changed?  You have put your resolution out there and someone already put you back into your own little box.  I say, get out of your box, don’t tell everyone what you are hoping to achieve this year.  Build on your attitude and life and become an influencer instead of being influenced by others.  Change yourself before you can change your friends.


Author: Yvette van Niekerk

Bio: I am an enthusiastic Freelance writer; I have been afforded the opportunity to showcase my writing on Auto and Generals Blog pages; Budget Insurance blog.  Which to me is truly wonderful I also have my own blog space which is Spiritually motivated and I draw my inspirations from the Word of God.



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