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Why are some people rich, famous and successful??

Have you ever wondered why some people are rich and you are not?  I have and it has struck me that the difference between people that are rich and those who are not, is their behavior.

Thinking about rich people as far as I am concerned they seem to always strive for ‘excellence’, it is in their ‘make-up’ to actually work hard and strive to excel at what they do.  I read a quote of Steve Jobs ‘Be a yardstick of quality.  Some people aren’t used to an environment where excellence is expected.’

Take for instance some cashiers and sales people; it amazes me that these people feel they are actually doing you a favour by serving you.  “Hello, you are here because I buy from your shop.”  Some people act as though they are far above one they are supposed to be serving.

Creating environments of excellence where people learn to work towards certain goals helps  make them feel that being excellent pays off.  I also believe we need to teach our children the value of working and becoming excellent in what they do.  It is by doing something good and eventually becoming an expert at it that they will achieve success.

Some people like Steve Jobs for instance, is focused and they seem to drive towards their goals.  It makes sense to them to excel at what they do.  Constantly working at doing the right thing and at some stage you will be gratifying some people.  I suspect other people will be astonished at the results of your efforts but isn’t this what makes us more than ‘some people’?

Here’s to ‘some people’ thank you for your grumbling, it makes me take a second look at myself and see where I can repair myself.  Thank you also to ‘some people’ that are rich you make me want to become excellent and work towards my own goals.


Author:               Yvette van Niekerk

Bio:                        My desire is to write the best I can and enjoy every minute of writing.  The main focus is to inspire and uplift the people around me.  Drawing inspiration of my personal relationship with the Lord.



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