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The way to a new me


In prayer I find peace of mind, I find direction and I find my way to being positive.  It is important to spend some quiet time with the Lord and just become calm and rest.  So for me prayer is meditation, to you it may be something entirely different.

Say thank you – be grateful

Instead of renting space in your mind to people that frustrate you and make you angry, why not think positively.  I have found in being ‘thankful’ you are able to see the abundant blessing in your own life.  You received an unexpected gift from a colleague who has been overseas; they brought you that perfume you so desired.  Wow, say thank you, you have so much to be grateful for.

Be approachable

In being approachable people feel that they are able to speak to you freely, and perhaps you are able to give some solid advice.  The old you would sit back and glare at people.  Stop that, be friendly, and help where you can.  See what you can do for others and in doing that you become more approachable.

Smile – you are beautiful

Smiling is such a good thing to do, your whole face lights up and you seem more beautiful.  Those pearly whites make you seem softer, kinder and really so nice.  In days when you feel really off, those days you should smile more.  Look for the good in people, rate them 100% extra good.  We all make mistakes, so let it ride.  Smile and be friendly.

Forgive people

None of us are perfect and because we lack in knowing each other’s problems and understanding where we all are.  We make mistakes that some people find difficult to forgive.  No, you are the boss of your own mind, if someone hurts or offends you, forgive them.  Let it go, don’t rent space out in your mind to the bad things, it will rote and make you mean.  Forgiving people changes your perspective on life and gives you meaning.

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Author:             Yvette van Niekerk

Biography:       I have been writing my blog for the past couple of years and have been on Google+ for some time.  I love trying my hand at writing and hope to become a good writer.  I pray each day the Lord will inspire me to inspire people around me and give me the creativity I need to face the day.

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