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You’ve written a book and have sent it to at least three South African publishing houses. In your mind’s eye, you see your book in all the books shops and you become a best-selling author overnight.

Alas! Five or more months have passed and all three publishers have turned you down. It is not as if you’ve never written a readable story or article before. You can write. You read a lot and you’ve had this story directing every waking hour of your life. You feel compelled to tell it.

So what are you going to do? Are you going to stop writing and hide in embarrassment because your book was rejected? Are you going to leave the manuscript lying in your desk drawer?

It is possible to write and self-publish your book without following the traditional route. If you feel your story is good enough to be read, if it is well written and a high-quality product, the possibilities of placing it in bookshops internationally are endless.

I have written and self-published 11 e-books and through trial and error they are now proudly displayed in all the big bookshops in South Africa and in Europe and the USA. It has cost me nothing.


  • Type your book in double spacing on A4 paper in Times New Roman 12 pt.
  • Have your book edited or proofread professionally. It is of the utmost importance that your book is faultless.
  • Design a cover and a blurb – the back of the cover sells the book. I designed my own covers and wrote my own blurbs.
  • Upload your manuscript for free onto on Kindle Direct Publishing.
  • Submit your completed manuscript to e-book publishers and distributors in South Africa.
  • Start your own blog and launch your book.
  • Develop a marketing strategy for your book. Readers will only buy it if they know about it.


Author: Rachelle du Bois

Rachelle du Bois is an independent author and self-publisher of 11 books. She is also a freelance writer. Contact her at, on Twitter @RachelleRomance or on Facebook.

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