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Insurance apps

As an Insurance policy holder of whatever insurance category or a person in need of insurance or even an insurance professional, there is an application for you to download. It serves to make life easier and keep you updated with information regarding your policies, claims, quotes  or your clients’ enquiries and needs.

What you can expect from these  Insurance apps

As time is money, for busy insurance professionals there are productivity applications with many client, policy, quote, claim and event management features to save time. It works efficiently on both android tablets and mobile smart phones.

The apps are useful for Insurance Agents to make sales and provide customer service for auto, home, property, life and health insurance. They will have proficient information at their fingertips available anywhere, to serve customers 24/7.

Insurance that’s quick and easy to buy and use — anytime, anywhere.

Useful to find the best deal on various types of insurance without having to search and surf the Internet.

Features of the apps for Insurance professionals

  • Secure Export of Client files by connecting the device to your PC.
  • Create an unlimited number of templates.
  • Support for photo, audio, video, file or document attachments.
  • Replace the calculator as apps will compute balances.
  • Use dictations.
  • Export-Import function to share data by uploading and downloading CSV files. Its perfect for bulk or mass data upload to/from your existing system.
  • Update your schedule and view by day, week, month or year. Remind clients via SMS, email or phone call with one tap.
  • Backup of data to store it or transfer it to another mobile device or PC.

It is possible to take full insurance applications, obtain signatures, learn about insurance products, provide in-home sales presentations and access applications.

Features of the Insurance apps for Insurance Clients

  • Provides contact with your agent and claims rep.
  • Pay your bill with the payment options.
  • View coverage and other policy details.
  • Get quotes from many different providers to compare and purchase insurance online.
  • Find a Service Center.
  • Collect and exchange loss or accident info.
  • Start a claim.
  • Internet is not required for some apps.
  • Check who your insurance policies are with.
  • Find what you are insured for.

Keep a record of all of your possessions in case of a claim.

Why use an Insurance app?

Mobile is the fastest growing technology since the internet began. Insurance apps can provide on the go insurance solutions and answers.


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