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From Dreams to Goals

Approaching goals must be done in a positive and optimistic manner.  For me I believe that I need to think about my goals, write them down and see what and where it is I want to be in 6 months’ time, 12 months, and 3 years’ time.  The list can be longer but for me that is enough.

My sister uses this mnemonic SMART system.

S = be specific
M = can you measure it
A = is it attainable
R = is it rewarding
T = can I track it


Just as an example I will use my “cake business”.  I want to increase my sales going forward and I also want to measure the costs against my profit.  I also want to make sure that I am growing in my business so I decided to create for myself a “cake diary”.  It’s not too complicated, I have checked my sales say for December 2014 and now want to measure them against my sales for January 2015.  Based on this I want to make an estimate as to the growth in my business.


My goal is to become an excellent baker and an excellent cake designer.  I am still learning so I need to make sure to attain new skills moving forward.  I make it my goal to check out new designs and see how it’s done on the internet.  So I am developing my skills in designing and creating my cakes.

Attainable / Reward able

What I think I also need to work on is the marketing of my cakes, although I have seen ‘word of mouth’ is working for me right now.  I still am working on my cake list, the cakes design, size, and prices.  I will use this as my marketing tool and send to clients as a catalog.  Grow my business with new clients.

Track it:

Looking at my diary entries I can see how many cakes I have sold in each month, the amounts and the sizes.  How to make it more and profitable for myself?

This is my practical way of using my goal setting, I hope you learned something I certainly did and I do feel positive about this matter going forward.

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AUTHOR  :               van Niekerk, Yvette

Bio:               I am an enthusiastic Freelance writer; I have been afforded the opportunity to showcase my writing on Auto and Generals Blog pages; Budget Insurance blog.  Which to me is truly wonderful I also have my own blog space which is Spiritual motivated and I draw my inspirations from the Word of God

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