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What is Fool’s Paradise Day?

On 13 July Fool’s Paradise Day is celebrated. Now you may ask what exactly a “fool’s paradise” is and what is celebrated on this day. The Oxford English Dictionary defines fool’s paradise as “a state of happiness of a person not knowing about or denying the existence of potential trouble”. Some websites also call it a “world outside the box… a world filled with dreams, imagination and possibilities…”.

Fool’s Paradise Day joins days like Pi Day (14 March), Geek Pride Day (25 May), Star Wars Day (4 May), Hobbit Day (22 September) and Talk Like a Pirate Day (19 September). These “holidays” are fun days on which people can celebrate hobbies, fandoms, books, act a bit silly, or simply remember the small things in life. 13 July is also not only Fool’s Paradise Day, but also Barbershop Music Appreciation Day, Embrace Your Geekness Day, Gruntled Workers Day, International Puzzle Day, and National French Fries Day!

No one seems to be quite sure when Fool’s Paradise Day started or who started it. Fool’s Paradise Day is in essence a day on which you can just “let your guard down and enjoy the day to the fullest being the craziest you can be”. You can, basically, celebrate anything you want to celebrate on this day — and have an excuse to have some fun. You can always use Fool’s Paradise Day to slow down and spend the day doing a bit of daydreaming as well. Keep in Calendar says of Fool’s Paradise Day: “(the) most fun part can be thinking up what improbable set of circumstances you want to celebrate”.

There are lists of these kinds of holidays all over the internet, with many catering to specific interests. While everyone in the office might not want to celebrate Barbershop Music or join in with their own fool’s paradise to celebrate, everyone enjoys any excuse to have a good time. So why don’t you grab your calendar and mark a few days to celebrate the good things in life with great friends?

Author: Carin Marais

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