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Be responsible! These were the famous words of our parents when we were young. They taught us well about safety, health, good habits and LIFE. It is of course from them that we learned about savings, finances, planning for the future, budgeting (and sadly also all our bad habits and limiting beliefs). Most of us might remember the excitement and pride about our very first children’s savings account and our very own bank card or book. Whatever we learned at mother’s knee, is our real legacy and not necessarily the physical things we inherit from them when they die.


We are living in the most wonderful and advantageous of times where modern science and technology never seize to amaze. Almost every year, there is a progress explosion in some or other area in the medical field. Man evolved and developed things no-one could ever dream of just a few decades ago. Unfortunately, the more advanced technology gets more expensive as well. That in turn, causes a price hike in medical equipment, medical aid fees and health care as a whole. We would sometimes hear a humorous comment of how we cannot afford to either live or die these days.

We are now in an era where the general practitioner easily (almost always actually) refers most cases to a specialist in a certain field of expertise. Gone are the days of the house doctor being an one-stop service for freezing benign moles, pap-smears, stitching wounds, catching babies, taking out an appendix and even treating minor psychological complaints. No specialist on the other hand, makes any diagnoses without the aid of an x-ray examination, ultrasound, CT, MRI, or blood test anymore. Understandably, due to the fashion of patients wanting to sue doctors for anything and everything, they take the safer responsible route. One single medical problem can exhaust the radiology benefits of a whole family in one go, to name an example. That is before possible surgery and weeks (months) of physiotherapy, etc!


The tendency in modern times is to rather live dangerously unhealthy, ignorant and financially irresponsible, even though we battle to survive financially. These can have an equally devastating outcome for us. Unless we can manage perfectly to grow younger and live longer, as Dr. Deepak Chopra teaches in his book by the same name, we will otherwise be in trouble. Surely that can be accomplished if we would be willing to change our whole perception of ourselves and the world we live in.

According to statistics, human beings have a much longer lifespan these days than those in earlier times.  While medical science keeps us alive much longer and that “fifty” seems to be the new “forty”, that doesn’t mean our bodies grow younger at all! Due to our dangerous ways of living and manufacturing of our own stresses, we worry ourselves old and sick before our time.

We seem so reluctant to plan for our future, the so called ostrich psychology. Let’s say you would be able to cheat death through modern science and grow really old, would you have enough money to live from…?

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