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Fake it until you make it – the sky is the limit

If you translate the word educate in Roman culture the literal translation is: to draw out. Even though this is a very small distinction, it has great implications. In other words it would mean that the process of education is not accomplished by adding more information to the content of the brain but rather to allow the information that has already taken up residence in the brain to come up to the conscious level.

This would mean that all of us were born with the information of all the knowledge of the world already placed in our brains, just sitting there, waiting for the day it could be brought up to the surface.

The implications that this theory holds is larger than one would expect. It would imply that is doesn’t matter what characteristics, qualities or attributes we have, it is all part of our individual genetic make-up. It would also mean that all of us are already confident as well as charming and whatever else we can think of being. It would imply that all of these attributes are within us, waiting for us to draw them out and utilize them.

Fake it till you make it – what do you believe?

Now, you as the reader have to decide if you believe that we were all born omniscient. That we were all born knowing everything and being everything. No matter if this theory is true or false, the important thing is what decision you will make. It is important due to the fact that what you decide will become your reality. It will become part of the way you think, live and act. It will become part of the process to self-improvement.

Just imagine the power of believing that the sky is the limit, that you can be whoever you want to be and achieve anything that you set your mind to. This means that you can live without any limitations and no restrictions.

What we interpret as reality will end up being our reality. Our reality is the only staff by which we can measure the quality of our path on Earth. We can decide whether or not we believe that we can be anyone we want to be or we can decide that we limit ourselves to the limitations that the world has set for us.

Everybody knows that we only use part of our brains, something like 3%. So what is hiding inside the other 97%. Think about it? Think hard and think deep, somewhere inside of your brain may be the answer to every single question that has never been asked.

Try everything and fake it until make it. In other words, you are able to do anything that you set mind to. This is if you believe my theory of course.

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