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Double your intelligence potential

Double your intelligence potential with ‘flow’

Yes, you are able to double your intelligence potential! And the truth is, you have done it before. Everyone has. This phenomenon is called “flow” by those who study it.

Now you have to do some thinking; think back to the last time you became so absorbed in what you were busy with, that some hours passed and it seemed like just a few minutes.

Your mind became completely engrossed and involved with what you were doing. Now that’s ‘flow’. When your mind is in the flow state, your performance rockets above limits and the feeling of being in ‘flow’ is pure exhilaration. It’s also very elusive.

How to find ‘flow’

There is a way you can use to “hack” your brain and find flow almost without any effort. Scientists have used practical MRI scans to demonstrate that your brain works in a different way when you are in flow. Your brain waves work at a different frequency, different parts of the brain are stimulated and activated, and communication between those parts is improved.

It was found that you can use sound to stimulate your brain activity for several purposes. Cutting edge Multivariate Resonance Technology (MRT) is a series of rhythms, tones, and sound frequencies that are wisely fashioned to stimulate, balance, and activate four “holistic intelligences.”

Involving various types of Intelligence

Physical Intelligence (PQ) is linked to the frequencies of your breathing and heart beat, providing the reliance and submission of an “open will.”

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is linked to heart beat and heart soundness occurrences that provide the love, gratitude and forgiveness of an “open heart.”

Mental Intelligence (IQ) is linked to binaural (relating to both ears) frequencies of alpha and theta brainwave ranges, providing the extension of an “open mind.”

Spiritual Intelligence (SQ) is linked to united frequencies in specific light spectra translated to sound trembles by the rule of octaves, which provide a echoing pattern for “pre-sensing source.”

By tactically using specific rhythms, tones, and sound frequencies, MRT can actually prompt certain mental states, including flow.

I know one thing for sure, I need some specified sound to stimulate my brain!


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