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Are you sticking to the resolutions you made?

When you hear the word resolutions, your mind immediately wanders to the ones you made on New Years’ day with so much anticipation. It is such a fun part of the kick off to the brand new year. Well, how are those coming along as we approach the end of the first month? Hopefully you didn’t start making excuses for the ones that didn’t realize yet. That is the thing with New Years’ Resolutions, they can be quite intimidating. Hang in there; there is plenty of time left to do it all!


We like to make resolutions about important things. We dream big, which is good! What about good service? One sometimes can’t help but wondering about the quality of the service we receive in general. Why is it so difficult to get good service these days? It seems to be an ongoing struggle to get things done which you sometimes pay an arm and a leg for. Nobody really cares if you take your business elsewhere. They know the next victim will walk through their doors soon enough.

Little irritations like poor service can be one of the biggest dream stealers. Just think how you are oftentimes sent from the one counter to the next and back without any resolution to your query. You just land in the one long line after the other, frustrated out of your socks! People sometimes seem so incompetent. Not to mention those hideous tunes in your ear when put through from the one operator to the other. Every time after listening to a new menu, you sing your song to yet another before the line gets cut! Then of course, just to start all over again! Ever wondered where all the stress related illnesses and road rage has it’s origin? No wonder we are all too tightly strung these days, even early in the year.


It just became oh so easy to pass the buck. Let it be someone else’s problem to solve. It is easier to think out excuses than of practical solutions to resolve the matter. Laziness seems to be the number one weakness of our time. While many are too lazy to work, they are just as lazy to even think.


Not that many people really take pride in their work anymore. If someone doesn’t have pride in what they do in public, is it possible that they have any self-respect at all? In the end, so many diligent workers start living by the motto of “If you can’t beat them, join them”. They feel aggrieved for working alone while their lazy colleagues equally get paid for their poor performance, without consequence.


Time has come to start being proud of ourselves again and in whatever we do. If we disappoint our employers or clients, we end up disappointing ourselves as well. Don’t be ashamed of your work, no matter how insignificant it might seem. Use your talents to find real resolutions to whatever challenge presents itself. When we are grateful for the opportunity to render a service while earning a living, we will be proud of what we do. When we are proud of what we do, the result will be nothing short of excellence!

Author: Maritha Koortzen

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The author writes to various websites and newspapers mostly on Health and Social Issues. She also talks at Ladies Events about Health and Wellness. Feel free to contact her for any free lance writing.

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