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Valentine Shopping

Is Valentines day a marketing hoax?

Numerous casual interviews with people on the street show that the majority of people view Valentines day as a way for marketers and retailers to make a fast buck.

1 Valentines day SPECIAL deals

Everywhere you go, red hearts, cupids and arrows mark the way. Shop fronts declare their Valentines day special in garish reds, silver, gold and a lot of bling. You can buy SPECIAL heart-shaped burger patties, heart shaped candy, Valentines day lingerie, T-shirts, cards, CD’s, roses, carnations … the list is endless.

If something has a red heart sticker, you can be sure that the price is inflated and you pay at least three times more than it’s worth. Flowers are suddenly priced at prices to clean out any wallet and anything red is suddenly a SPECIAL Valentines day gift.

2 Valentines day guilt trip

Marketing campaigns focus on lines like:

  • If you love her, buy ….
  • Show the man in your life you love him. Buy …
  • A SPECIAL gift to show the one you love …

Marketing campaigns use a bit of guilt to make people buy something for their meaningful other. The “if you love” part is a famous ploy to get you to buy something just to feel less guilty. People feel obligated to show that they care, even though most couples regard it as a bit of a shlepp.

3 Is Valentines day a glittering moneymaker?

Shop owners certainly make money on Valentines day, especially jewellery stores, florists, chocolate shops, restaurants, card shops and lingerie stores.

4 Valentines day hallmark

The hallmark of Valentines day is spending. The more you spend, the more you love your partner.

5 Valentines day left-overs

After Valentines day, store owners offer huge SALE discounts on merchandise thet didn’t sell. What can be worse than getting a heart-shaped burger patty three days after the 14th of February?  Actually, the SALE prices are more in line with what you should have paid for the items in the first place.

So, is Valentines day a marketing hoax? What do you think?

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