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    Do you have Travel Insurance?

    Travel insurance should cover hospitalization and related medical costs as well as a possible emergency evacuation.

  • In some instances medical treatment can be withheld if a person has no proof of funds or travel insurance.
  • Travel insurance could cover expenses in the event of death abroad and will ensure that family and friends are not burdened with the costs.
  • Check your personal insurance policy to ensure that all the valuables you are taking with you are sufficiently insured in value as well as possible ways and places of theft, loss and damage.
  • Pre-existing conditions and the risk associated with your destination or the activities you plan to partake in can influence the travel insurance cover you need.
  • Make sure that you are familiar with the health risks of the country or countries you intend visiting. Get all the recommended vaccinations and/or medication before traveling.
  • If you need to travel with medication ensure that it meets the requirements of your destination(s). Take your prescription along.
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Travel Insurance may come in handy wherever you travel

Traveling in your own vehicle? 

Many people enjoy traveling in Africa with their own vehicles. Check with your vehicle insurer that the vehicle will be covered in the country or countries that you will travel to (have this confirmed in writing) and that the 3rd party insurance is in order.

Some countries have specific regulations and required stickers for taking your vehicle across the border. For more information on cross border and sticker requirements, you may contact the Automobile Association of South Africa.

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Catch me if you can!

The Schengen Travel Insurance 

Axa Schengen is a travel insurance that allows you to get your Schengen visa from any consulate or embassy.

Axa Schengen is:

  • simple: buying it is fast and price depends on length of stay,
  • a travel insurance for everyone at the same price: any age, any nationality,
  • medical assistance by phone available 24/7.

Axa Schengen has three travel insurance coverage options:

  • Schengen Low Cost – Travel insurance, which enables to get a Schengen visa.
  • Schengen Europe Travel – Travel insurance, which covers the Schengen area and Europe.
  • Schengen Multi Trip – Travel insurance for frequent travelers and businessmen, which covers the Schengen area and Europe. Maximum 90 consecutive calendar days per stay.


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