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Luxury Liner

Travel Insurance is protection against adverse events such as cancellation and interruption and also reimburses medical expenses, the loss or damage of property and costs of transit delays.

To make the most of this insurance and get accurate reimbursement, learn what is included.

The main categories are:

Health and Medical:

Emergency evacuation either to a local hospital or a hospital near the traveler’s home town. Family members can be covered on the same policy.

Medical cover for reimbursement of emergency medical and dental costs.


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Bon Apetit!

Delays, cancellation or interruption:

Cancellation: Re-imbursement for a trip that can’t continue because of personal illness or injury, death, adverse weather conditions, strikes, terrorism, bankruptcy, sudden unemployment, sustaining serious damage to the home causing it to be uninhabitable due to fire or flooding.

Delay: Reimbursement for hotel, food or clothing expenses as result of flight delay.

Interruption: Reimbursement for a curtailed trip due to events outside the control of the traveler.

Death: Accidental death – Covers death or dismemberment during a trip or during an air flight.

Common carrier – Covers death or dismemberment while travelling on public transport.

Loss or damage of property:  Baggage loss – reimbursement for lost, stolen or damaged personal items.

Hire Car damage – Reimbursement for damage to or loss of a rental vehicle.

Assistance services – guarantees telephone advice and assistance service as needed.


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