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Have a spring in your step after flying

Take care of a few things to make every flight a pleasant experience:

Before you fly, get all your insurance policies in order. Be it home insurance to cover all damaging events when you are away, or personal possessions insurance to cover your phone, laptop, camera and the jewellery that you are taking with you. Arrange ample travel insurance and health insurance for your trip, where ever your destination.
It doesn’t end there. You should exercise whilst you are in the air.

What happens to your body when you fly?

It is possible that the central blood vessels in your legs may be compressed, causing difficulty for the blood to get back to the heart.

The long inactivity of your muscles result in muscle tension, back aches and excessive fatigue during or after the flight.
Sitting in the cramped space of your seat, inhibits normal body mechanism to return fluid to the heart. Gravity may cause fluid to collect in your feet, resulting in swelling.

Light in flight exercises to prevent above conditions

The following movements are designed to improve blood circulation, alleviate lethargy and relieve cramps:
1. Exercise your legs and flex your feet while seated.
2. Pull your knee into your chest and then stretch your body over your lap.
3. Roll your neck and shoulders.
4. Do deep-breathing exercises.
5. Walk the isle at least every two hours.
6. Increase your normal intake of fluids before and during the flight. Moderate the intake of alcohol.
7. If you have a condition, seek medical advice before embarking to be sure that flying will not intensify it.

Rules for comfortable flying

  • Keep medication in your hand luggage.
  • Wear loose fitting clothes made of natural fibre.
  • Wear soft shoes that can handle expansion of feet and ankles.
  • Once you arrive at your destination, walk as much as you can to get the circulation going again.
  • When taking a shower, perform some vigorous scrubbing on your body to dislodge unwanted fluid build-up.
  • Take a short nap upon arrival that will not interfere with your night-time sleep.

When all this is taken care of, all that is left is ‘Bon Voyage’!

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