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Can I get the number for Budget Insurance?

You are so wise to ask for that number, because Budget Insurance is just one phone call away! Budget Insurance have been on the other end of the line for more than a decade. To give you expert insurance advice. To give you low, low premiums on a wide range of insurance policies. To also give you low cost add-on products to enhance and extend your insurance cover. To give you peace of mind and insurance cover against the uncertainties and some certainties in life.

Budget Insurance is a leader in the field and offers you:

  • world class systems
  • competent call centre assistance
  • designer benefits
  • low low premiums
  • comprehensive cover and expert insurance advice

The number for Budget Insurance is 0860 10 44 00. Call us right away!

Can I get the number for Budget Car Insurance?

Budget offers you three options to insure your vehicle:

  1. Comprehensive cover
  2. Third party, Fire and Theft cover
  3. Third party only cover

What should excite you is our new BetterCar Value option. You can now insure your car to be replaced with a newer model with less kilometres on the clock, if yours is written off.

The number for Budget Car Insurance is 0860 10 44 00. Call now!

Can I get the number for Budget Insurance Value Added products?

Budget Insurance designed these extra products to give you extended cover for your valuables, yourself and your family:

  • Personal Accident to care for you and your family when you have been in a accident.
  • Funeral Plan to remove the hassles of all funeral costs for your family.
  • Cellphone Cover if you don’t have portable possessions cover.
  • Touch-Up to repair scratches, minor dents and chips on the paintwork of your car.
  • Tyre & Rim Guard to repair or replace tyres or rims.
  • Ekspo-Sure to provide HIV testing and treatment after accidental exposure.
  • Legal Cover for assistance and advice on legal matters.
  • Domesticsure to cover your domestic servant for injury, disablement or death.
  • Auto Top Up to cover the outstanding balance on vehicle finance and the initial deposit.

The number for Budget Insurance Value Added products is 0860 10 44 00. Call us!

Now that you have the most important insurance telephone number, call us for free quotes and expert advice on other products such as:

Buildings Insurance

Home Contents Insurance

Life Insurance

Portable Possessions Insurance

Much more!

The number for Budget Insurance is 0860 10 44 00. Get in touch!

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