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Spring – a time for New Beginnings

Spring sure seems to have hit us early this year. For me, Spring has always been and continues to be, a season symbolising great possibilities, rebirth, and new opportunities. The old has been shed, made dormant, never to return again, and we all have an amazing new start.

I have somebody very close to me who is ill. He has Alzheimer’s, and today is moving into a flat, where he can be cared for, and loved and watched in a way I am incapable of doing. Being a full time employee and mom, one has little time for anything else, and so the symbolism of him moving to a place where he can get all the attention and care he deserves is amazing for me. The guilt has been lifted. And here begins his new chapter. And mine!

Another person close to me, at an elder age, has recently found her soul mate. She is happier than she has been in her entire life. There begins her new chapter.

The world is so full of darkness, of evil, of things that can pull us down and make us sad. We have no choice but to look for the Spring in every situation. Enjoy your season, enjoy all your seasons!


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