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A South African changed the rules of Neknomination that was started in Australia

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Pay it forward …

South Africa and Australia have always challenged each other in sports such as rugby and cricket. This time it is done in a brand new game called Neknomination. Not only is it a challenge, but a South African rewrote the rules. What was totally useless before, now has a noble purpose!

Neknomination began when an Australian shot a video showing himself downing a beer as a dare and loading it on Youtube. In turn he nominated his friends to take on a dare in the same way. Quickly this became a worldwide social media game.

Brent Lindeque took Neknomination and turned it into ‘Change one thing’ in a moment of pure inspiration. A few days prior to him being nominated to down a drink, he wrote a blog about accountable social media. When he received the nomination, he felt obliged to take his own advice. He thought about the fact that whatever he posts to social media, may very well be seen by his children or a future employer and he’ll have to take responsibility for it.

So how did Brent Lindeque respond? He shot a video of himself driving his car as he is approaching a traffic signal. The video is titled ‘A South African NekNomination’ and below is the message: ‘I’ve decided to create something positive out of the random global phenomena of NekNominations.’ His video shows him performing an act of kindness to a homeless man to whom Brent hands a sandwich, a chocolate and a Coke. Then he challenges two of his buddies to do the same.

He hoped to create a chain reaction of kindness and succeeded. This video spread like wild fire across the internet. People as far as America and England have taken up the charge to do a single act of goodness for a person in need.

The slogan Brent used at the end of his video says: ‘change one thing and everything changes’. This makes every viewer realise that one person can start an avalanche of good deeds. I just have to do the first deed and infect the next person.

Opportunity is everywhere! Will you take the dare?


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