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How important is Small Business Development?

Last week I was privileged enough to meet with a Member of Parliament, our Shadow Minister of Small Business. He came to chat with me about the work we do, and about the various barriers facing SMMEs in our country.

I explained to him that in my opinion, there is far too much red tape for a small organisation to ever really know if they are abiding by all the applicable laws that are relevant to their organisation without the assistance of a professional consultancy. Even if they had to become okay with these, chances are that they will be amending, be revised or become obsolete in the next few months as our labour legislation and compliancy laws change often with the needs of our country ebbing.

So one can never be totally guaranteed as an SMME that you are indeed ticking all the boxes without a specialist keeping them in the know.

South Africa – The Importance of Small Business

As a country it is more vital than ever to reform, to redress, and to carry on growing our country, and this can only be possible with small businesses growing and thriving, and mentoring other small businesses to grow and thrive and employ more and more people. Traditionally, the economy and indeed the world’s economy depended on large organisations to employ and to train, and to develop. Today the grid has changed and tipped, begging SMMEs to prosper, to train and to employ.

This is the way of the future and the only way that we can ever assist our youth in being trained, by implementing Learnerships in our SMMEs, transferring skills, and opening doors to young entrepreneurs to pursue their own dreams of small business.

Don’t ever give up on your dreams, small business owners. Weather the storm and continue to look at the big picture and the end result, and it WILL become your reality!

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I am an HR expert, specialising in areas of compliance. I am fiercely passionate about relationships, particularly family relationships, and parental relationships with children. I am a mentor and coach and find great satisfaction in growing people.

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