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The Nkandla versus E-toll Argument

As recently as last week-end the citizens of South Africa was taught a very valuable lesson. Or was it? We were taught that no-one can or should try to force you and me to pay for anything you did not ask for or gave permission to be installed. The teacher of this lesson is the one person in the country we should respect and pay attention to. In fact, the teacher is the leader of our country.

It is a little confusing as the teacher was at the head of the government who installed the e-toll system. Without our permission I must add. This is also the person who had alterations done at his private home without his permission, he wants us to believe. He is the one who is refusing to pay the costs of those alterations even if it is hugely to his and his family’s benefit. At the same time he and his government wants to force us to pay e-toll which yield no benefits to us. What happened to: ‘what is good for the goose is good for the gander’? One can only say: ‘Eish!’

Why is E- Toll on Gauteng Freeways opposed?

  • It is irrational, unreasonable and impractical and wasn’t planned for the best interest of the public
  • It is riddled with inefficiencies, extremely costly and opposes far simpler existing methods within Government policy to collect this revenue.
  • Tolling Gauteng’s freeways is an unnecessary waste of billions of SA Tax payer’s money
  • No valid reason was provided and is unacceptable to the people who ultimately pay.
    Users pay not only the expense of the road construction but also suffer the heavy and unnecessary burden of this collection system.
  • E-Tolling in Gauteng was planned to raise over R95bn (236% of the required amount) – an utter and unnecessary waste of the road-users money. There is no intention to stop or reduce the tolling once the system is paid for. eToll charges will remain and increase every year.
  • These routes have been paid for through taxation. Years of infrastructure neglect now brings the time for Government to conduct repairs, but they omitted to plan for it. Now they introduce an additional tax which is extortion, since they provide no alternative public transport services and routes.

We did not ask for it, should we pay?




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