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Helen Zille

International mystery donor allegedly behind the proposed DA and Agang SA merger

Many questions are hanging in the air and the people of South Africa would love to know the answers, but it seems different parties have different views of the truth. Will we ever know the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?

Democratic Alliance leader Helen Zille says she would never be part of such a deal and was certainly not going to consider accepting any money for merging. On the other hand she indicated that she knows who the donor is but that anyone who wants to have a name should talk to Agang SA leader Mamphela Ramphele. Zille doesn’t think it is her place to reveal the name.

It seems that this mystery international donor was key to talks between Zille and Ramphele. Are we to understand then that if there was no donor, there would be no negotiations to merge?  If there was a donor and Zille and the DA was not going to accept any money, does that mean Ramphele and Agang SA would receive the full donation?

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Mamphela Ramphele

Zille stated that there was more than one donor to put pressure on Mamphela. The reason for the donations would be a united and strong opposition. Opposing this statement of Zille was DA spokesman Mmusi Maimane saying it was far-fetched and no donor can force them to make such a decision. Agang SA chief operating officer Andrew Gasnolar also denied such a donor or any donation transaction. Instantly another question pops up: should a merge between the DA and Agang SA ever take place, how united can two parties with such different perceptions of the truth, ever be? How strong an opposition would they be to the ruling party?

Last week the DA announced Ramphele to be their presidential candidate in the next election. On Friday Ramphele said she never agreed to become a member of the DA. On Sunday the DA said Ramphele had backed down on an agreement. Now that’s confusion which poses a whole lot of questions and all that I want to know is the name of the person with the true answers.


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