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Mother’s day memories

Mother’s day is coming up and whilst many are contemplating a surprise or gift for their mother, over a lunch or a cuppa tea and cake, many others have either fond memories or sore regrets about a mother that has passed on.

When we have our mothers by our side, we don’t seem to realise how short life may be. We are so busy with our own lives and families, that there is hardly time for her. It is only when she gets sick and the prognosis is that she has just a couple of weeks or months left to live, that we wake up to all that is lost.

Even when she doesn’t get sick, suddenly one day it dawns on you. She is old and slow and can’t remember things. Either her body or her mind is giving up on her and there are things she just can’t do anymore.

Don’t wait for Mother’s day or till it’s too late

Why don’t we just decide now, right this moment, to make time to do fun things with mother. Things we both enjoy that will turn into those precious memories that are called up with: “do you remember that day when we ….”

Walk barefoot in the rain, eating ice cream.

Try on some fur coats that neither of you will ever be able to afford, but the saleslady doesn’t know that.

Go and watch a chick flick, with two giant boxes of popcorn and red slush-puppies and a box of nutty chocolates to share.

Go to her favorite coffee shop and have red velvet cupcakes for breakfast.

Take out some old classic movies such as Black Beauty, Casablanca or Gone with the Wind on a Monday morning, to watch instead of doing the washing.

Dress up to visit your motorcar dealership and test drive the latest Jaguar whatever type.

Now that’s the kind of stuff memories of your mother should be made of!

Happy Mother’s Day from Budget Insurance. Call us now.

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