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Japan – Samurai Warriors

On Saturday, just before South Africa’s Heritage Day on 24 September, the whole of South Africa gathered in groups, biltong, braaivleis and beer in hand, to watch our boys tackle Japan, and make us all proud.

What a surprise we all got when our Eastern friends turned around and whipped our butts! Utter uproar and surreal surprise abounded. Silence, shock and heartache were evident on everybody’s faces.

I personally have never met one of our players on the current team. Not one. And yet every ounce of faith I possess, is in them and in their capabilities. Can I play rugby? Heck no! I have never even been onto a rugby field! And yet I believe in them. Is faith not a strange thing? That we can believe in something, and somebody, that we have never encountered, never experienced, and never ourselves attempted? This for me is a great insight into religious minds. They would feel the same hope and the same trust in their God.

Even though they have never seen Him or Her, been a God themselves, they put their all into their faith in Him. Would it not be great if we could take this faith and put it into our every day encounters? The man over the counter at the butchery. The lady at our local supermarket checkout. The person driving behind us in traffic.

How sad that we have all become so jaded! As our boys come onto the field again over these coming weeks, we will all watch, transfixed and with renewed hope – let us take this into the world and spread it like wildfire!


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