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South Africans unite on Heritage day

A story that is part of the history books, the freedom of South Africans is what makes us a great nation a nation that stands together, September is the month of celebrations, we kick off the seasons with spring the start of something new and then South Africans have the opportunity to celebrate each other’s cultures. South Africa is one of the most diverse cultures in the world, each culture with their unique traditions.

If you take a look at the eleven different languages, a rainbow nation all South Africans contributing to their special piece of South Africa. When I in vision the celebrations, the symbolic way of describing Heritage day the image of a unified nation holding hands, respecting and celebrating each other without judgment.

From the most inspirational leaders of our time the ones that have been good and the really bad ones we as a nation, the ground players have all stepped up to embrace the uniqueness and the change, incredible leaders lead good in change. And we the ground players are the game changers, we are a team and if we hold hands stand together and show that we have the ability to lead and respect each other a leader’s job is only to inspire the greatness.

Heritage day, does not have to be an annual event it can be a daily reminder of where we have come from and the nation we are aspiring to be. Heritage day is for all South Africans, celebrate it enjoy it and lets all share and let’s all of us build a road to success, and inspire.

One of my favorite quotes about heritage by Branch Rickey “it is not the honor that you take with you, but rather the Heritage you leave behind” we are still growing towards the sun, each year the growth is stronger and stronger and the legacy we are leaving behind is so much more impact-full.


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