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Autumn Fun

The Autumn  season provides great opportunities for outdoor play and creative craft projects. With  beautiful leaves and usually fair weather, outdoor spaces are a  treasure trove of natural wonders just waiting to be explored.

Autumn outdoor fun ideas

Autumn is a wonderful time to teach your child about nature and there are many ways to  create your own fun.  One can use local walks to explore the natural environment. Take pictures of  birds, plants and trees and ask your child to make notes of anything they see that interests them. Let them draw pictures afterwards and create a collage.  This can be kept in a special autumn album.

Piles of leaves make great hiding places and this is a wonderful opportunity to play hide-and –seek.  You could also turn this into an educational game by asking your child to try and find the original tree the leaves came from. By kicking piles of leaves and raking it together again, important exercise is introduced, which is vital for every growing child.

Autumn Treasure hunt

This autumn treasure hunt is a lovely way for children to have fun.   Using their imagination, as well as getting a healthy dose of fresh air. Hide some treasures  like leaves, rocks and twigs in the garden or in a local park. Initiate a fun party afterwards with autumn coloured food and drinks and a colouring contest. They can also use the items collected (like leaves, stones and twigs) to make a collage with glue and tissue paper. This process will  teach them about autumn in a fun way.  It is  a fantastic means for child and parent to bond through nature.

Autumn activities for a rainy day

Invite some friends and let them bake cakes in the form of a leaf. Be creative by icing the cakes with the colours of autumn and before eating, ask some questions about autumn.

Author: Evelyn van der Merwe

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