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4 Tips for Making the Best of your Office Party

It’s the end of the year and that means it’s time for the annual office party. Although the office party is a way to let your hair down after a long year, there are still horror stories of people for whom the office party meant broken relationships or a ruined career. When it’s time for your office party, there are a few things to keep in mind before and during the party.

Eat, drink, and remember to include everyone

Besides allergies, you need to make sure that those booking the venue or catering know if you are a vegetarian, vegan or if you have any religious dietary needs. There are few things as awkward as having one person at the office party who is unable to eat any of the food served. Sometimes those planning the party get so excited that they just forget to ask about dietary needs.While it is difficult to cater to everyone’s every need, making sure that everyone can enjoy themselves is more important than simply catering to one person’s likes and dislikes.

Dress up (or not)

Make sure beforehand what the dress code is – especially if the office party is held in the evening – and dress appropriately. The office party doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to buy something new to wear, but make sure that it is something you feel comfortable in and will look good on photos. Be sure to find out whether partners are also invited or if it is strictly for staff only.

Know your limit – and stop before you reach it

With alcohol available at most office parties, it is very important not to imbibe too much. While you might think that you are being the life of the party, you might just be making an idiot of yourself. Even though you are at a party, you are still with your colleagues – and perhaps even some clients – and need to keep a level of professionalism. With all the taxi and chauffeur services available, it is also easy to get to and from your office party safely.

Now is not the time

Stay clear of touchy subjects. The office party is not the time for debates about someone’s religion/lifestyle/political views/diet/taste in clothes. Everyone at the office party is there to enjoy themselves after a long year of work and not to defend themselves or be verbally attacked over a three-course meal by someone they see for eight hours five days a week. This is something that should especially be kept in mind after the drinks have been flowing. Just because something is said while under the influence of alcohol doesn’t mean “it doesn’t count”.

You can still enjoy your office party even if you do so responsibly. Use the holiday season to relax and return in the New Year with renewed energy and motivation.

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