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Jewellery Insurance is vital

Keep your Jewellery Insurance  up to date when you travel

Think carefully about how much jewellery you really need to take when travelling. As soon as your trip starts, the risk of theft, loss and damage increases because you are in unfamiliar surroundings and a target to pickpockets, thieves and burglars.

It is important to make sure that your jewellery insurance covers your property when you are traveling outside your home country. As the risk of jewellery theft is so much higher in foreign countries, some jewellery insurance companies only provide domestic cover.

Dressing up with much jewellery could be inviting crime. When traveling internationally, rather take little or no jewelry. Criminals expect that all tourists are wealthy.

It is never wise to put jewellery in checked baggage, especially with security personnel going through your belongings. The percentage of bags lost by airlines are ever increasing and their liability for your lost luggage is very limited.

Always keep your jewellery, other valuables and medications in your carry-on luggage. If airport security requires going through your carry-on,  request a private place so others will not see your valuables.

Be very careful with your valuables in hotel rooms as cleaning personnel could be thieves and safes in hotel rooms are not outright secure.  Consider purchasing a hotel safe lock which allows you to put your own lock on your safe when you leave your room.

Facts about Jewellery Insurance

As part of your Home contents insurance policy, you should select the All risks option which covers all items taken outside the home, such as jewellery, wallets and mobile phones. It will be useful when you go on holiday.

Some insurance policies will only insure up to a minimum value for each item. For more expensive items, such as jewellery, you may need to take extra cover or a separate policy. Make a checklist of all your valuables and take photo’s of each item to present when you need to claim. Have an updated valuation done regularly and adjust cover accordingly. Receipts could come in handy too.

Be aware that customs in some countries want proof of ownership of valuable items.

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