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Know this before you consider cancellation of insurance

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If you think you have no other option but cancellation of insurance, you are wrong! If  you are in a financial pinch and find the already affordable premium of you Budget Insurance policy too high, there are ways to decrease your payment until things are looking up again. It is in a situation like this that you absolutely can’t afford to be without your Budget Insurance cover.

Rather than cancellation of insurance, consider the following:

–       Be absolutely sure that we have your correct details, especially of facts that affect your premium such as:

  • your age
  • marital status
  • make, model, driver and purpose of use of your insured vehicles
  • where your vehicle is kept
  • your address
  • your claims history

–       By increasing your excess payment, your premium will reduce.

–       If you are considering another Insurer, bear in mind the no claims status you have built up with Budget. Are you comparing apples with apples?

Manage your policy with Manage My Policy. This enables you to alter your policy to suit your specific needs. On this 100% secured site you can view your policy details, amend your personal details as it may have changed or needs to be rectified, change policy options and even add, reduce or remove cover. All of these affect the cost of you premium and could make your policy more affordable to suit your immediate financial needs.

Don’t make rash decisions. Call Budget Insurance on o860 1 44 00 now for expert advice!

Cancellation of insurance at Budget

If you absolutely need to, you will be allowed to cancel your Budget Insurance policy without a notice period. However you can give notice for cancellation on a future date that suits you. You can still enjoy the convenience of Budget Insurance even when parting ways, by telephonic cancellation of insurance. You will however receive written confirmation.

There is no refund for cancellation of insurance during the course of a month.

Insurance gives you protection when things go wrong, but if cancellation of insurance is the only way out, the competent advisers of Budget Insurance will assist you in the process.

Call Budget Insurance on 0860 10 44 00 today to meet your needs!

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