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Buying Life Insurance is a wise choice, but make sure to buy smart.

Purchasing an insurance policy is one of the few ways to secure our families in case of our untimely death.

With a life insurance policy in place, it is great to know that we can leave our loved ones with financial protection. However, it is hard to figure out who among these insurance agents are legitimate, or there to pull a fast insurance scam  on you.

Understand that you can encounter insurance agents everywhere, in shopping malls,  on the Internet, even just outside your house. They can call you out of the blue. Not all of these people are out to pull an insurance scam  on you.

What insurance scams to look out for : 

Don’t accept an agent’s company ID.

A legitimate insurance agent is duly-licensed. Don’t just accept the agent’s company ID, verify it. If the agent can’t present identification or is not licensed, he might be an insurance scammer. Ask him to leave.

A professional and truthful insurance agent will be able to answer every question you ask about the insurance company he or she is working for and the policy that he or she is offering. 


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“Trust me” ……..yeah right …

Agents who are into insurance scams are usually in a hurry to get you to pay over money to them

Purchasing life insurance is an important decision that should be unrushed. An overly pushy insurance agent might be involved in insurance scamming.

Do not give any personal information 

Do not give information such as your bank account number or hand over your credit card. Even properly licensed insurance agents can make up a life insurance scam. Do not sign any documents without thoroughly reading them, or leave blank spaces, even if the agent says it is just a formality and not significant.

Some insurance scammers use fake promos and rewards to lure customers to purchase a policy.

Be on guard when the agent says you can win a car or will receive a freebie if you purchase a product from them. But remember, there are legitimate life insurance companies with legitimate promos. 

Before signing a policy, make sure that you agree with the terms of the policy

Don’t purchase a policy you don’t need.

Do not pay your premiums through your insurance agent

Ask for payment options where you are paying directly to the company. This way, you are sure that the premiums don’t go to the pockets of insurance agents who might be into insurance scams.





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