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Home Improvements

How do home improvements and renovations affect your Home Insurance?

A number of people select to buy an older property at a lower price rather than buying a new house with no work needed. Will the property be worth more after renovations and upgrades? How does this affect the owner’s Home Insurance? According to CIA Building Insurance Specialists, the following factors should be kept in mind when renovating and upgrading your house.

Approved Building Contractors

Building Contractors usually have a Contractors All Risk (CAR) Policy that provides cover for contract work, Employer Liability and Public Liability. Homeowners should consult with the Building Contractor before building commences and ensure that the Contractor is in possession of such a policy.

Owner Managed Renovations

Owner Managed Renovations and Upgrades can be cheaper, but is it worth it?

If you, as the home owner, manages the renovations and any other building alterations to your property, you will be liable for damages and injury on your property. Your Home Insurance Provider should be notified that you plan Owner Managed renovations and they will inform you regarding any Home Insurance restrictions applicable.

DIY Projects

Your Insurance Provider should be notified when you plan to renovate your house , as well as the fact that you plan to work on your house yourself. The restrictions in cover will be communicated to you by your Home Insurance Provider.

Keep in mind that you may not be covered for accidental damage to the structure of your house, like accidentally drilling through a water pipe or breaking a window when a tile falls from the roof. Consult with your Home Insurance Provider before you start on your DIY project.

Home Insurance after Improvements

The value of your home will increase due to the improvements you had made, so you have to adapt your Home Insurance accordingly.

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