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Dental Insurance is the safe way to go

What does Dental Insurance generally cover?

Dental insurance is something nobody can do without. Even though most people visit their dentist once or twice a year, certain procedures may be costly and that is where having dental insurance comes in handy. South African Health Insurance products usually include medical as well as dental cover.

Basic dental insurance generally covers the cost for two dental checkups per year. Straightforward procedures like cleaning and filling teeth are typically also covered by your dental insurance package.

Regular dental visits may prevent more costly procedures like root canal operations, crown filling and dental bridgework. Insurance companies are aware of the fact that periodic checkups may prevent more expensive treatments and therefore they include checkups in your dental insurance policy.

Group Dental Insurance

Some companies offer Group Dental Insurance to their employees as part of their employment package. The employees are provided with a list of dentists who are approved by and registered with the particular insurance company that provides the Group Dental Insurance. Employees may then visit the listed dentists when needed. In some instances, the family members of the employees are also included. With Group Dental Insurance, all administrative matters are handled by the employer.

Dental Insurance Limits

Dental Insurance plans commonly have specific limits regarding the level of cover. Higher dental plan levels pay higher premiums, but the limit of dental cost per annum is also higher. Medical Aid schemes provide the main member with options to include family members at a little additional cost.

Dental Insurance is an important issue and it would be wiser to purchase a decent Dental Insurance plan than doing without.

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