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Flight MH370 missing en route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing

The plane disappeared south of Vietnam with 239 people on board. Malaysia Airlines lost contact with flight MH370 but the news was only confirmed five hours later. Then the authorities gave regular news updates, but were wary about what they publicized. As a result, Malaysians to turned to social media first before asking the authorities to confirm online speculation.

The main question was how two passengers with fake European passports boarded flight MH370. That when expats have to scan both index fingers before entering the country. The biometric system was set up in 2011 to avoid foreigners from repeatedly coming in to work illegally and to restrict human trafficking and wildlife smuggling. Five passengers booked on the flight did not board. Their luggage was consequently removed.

Malaysian officials say they are trying to find answers.

Flight MH370 may have turned back

Radar signals show that the Malaysia Airlines plane that was missing for more than 30 hours, possibly turned back, as per Malaysian officials.

Rescue teams looking for the plane, are now searching a wider area. CCTV footage of the two passengers who boarded the plane using stolen passports, are being investigated. There are 40 ships and 34 aircraft from nine different nationalities taking part in the search.

Air and sea rescue teams have been searching in an area south of Vietnam over the South China Sea for more than 30 hours, without definite findings of any wreckage.

Late on Sunday, Vietnamese authorities reported that a navy aircraft had spotted “an object” possibly belonging to the missing plane. It was however too dark to be certain. This object is apparently near a probable oil slick that was noticed on Saturday. Officials advised that this may have nothing to do with flight MH370.

Air force chief Rodzali Daud, reported the investigation was now focusing on a recording of radar signals that showed there was a “chance” the plane has turned back.

Inexplicable situations happen!

Surely no one would have predicted a plane with 239 passengers on board would just disappear. Though no intending aeroplane passengers should now cancel their flights, it is however wise to make sure that all insurance coverage is in order and in place.

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