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Investors withhold their money

Unstable economy due to strikes

In this beautiful country, South Africa, our unstable economy is the result of unions being alowed by government to have autonomy to rule that workers are forced to strike. Most of these workers, if not all, can not afford to loose pay due to strikes, but they fear for their lives if they dare to pitch up for work. It is common knowledge that workers are intimidated during strike periods. Even murdered.

Members of the unions are mostly unschooled and low skilled people, who are easily convinced by people who drive huge shining expensive cars and live in luxurious homes, but they don’t realise it is their money, their membership fees that paid for all that. None of those union executives, go without food, electricity, warmth in die winter or any other necessities, ever.

When hunger strikes as a result of loss of income, resultant from the strike, it is always NGO’s  and charities that have to step in to feed the people. Why don’t the union, from their funds, feed their members? They rather feed them lies to create racism and anger and more poverty!

Unstable economy leads to Investor doubt

The question is: ‘would you invest your money in any company that could be affected by strikes to the point where production comes to a complete standstill?’

Strikers don’t understand that higher salaries is the cause for lower profits, higher food prices, higher costs of production, increasing the price of the products produced. It is a never ending spiral. This causes our rand to fall against the dollar, the pound and the euro, which increases the costs of imports and unfortunately SA has to import many products that isn’t produced locally. The share price of the company with striking workers automatically fall and the potential investor looses interest and turns away. Can you blame him? No! The result: the present unstable economy becomes more off-balance and the spiral continues deeper into the dark pit.

Another consequence of higher salaries are that employers are forced to reduce their employees and even close up shop. An increase in unemployment is inevitable. Increased unemployment results in increased crime. Increased crime results in higher costs to secure property as well as decreased tourists to come and spend their valuable pounds and dollars in our country.

Is it clear yet? Let me spell it out! Strikes are causing the present unstable economy.

Experiencing any kind of loss without Insurance causes instability in your budget!

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SAVE and spend wisely.

Job Insecurity: Will your job last?

You have a great job and you get on well with your colleagues. You actually like your boss as well. The only problem is…will this last? Some days you worry, due to the economic situation in the country and so many job losses.

Know how to avoid the humps and bumps

Be confident! Don’t let anyone know about your fears. Attack your work as if you will be there for years to come and as if you are the best man (or woman) for the job.

This is no guarantee that you won’t be the next one to go, but you will be remembered for your standards and quality of work committed to you. And you will receive good references for your next job interview and CV.
It is important to remember that no-one is indispensable. Anyone can take over the job you do and may even do it better. It is your attitude that scores points…how you view the work you do and how you complete each task. Is it with pride and on time?

Make provision for an uncertain future

You don’t have any assurance that you will remain in your present position. Job insecurity plagues most people in our economic climate.
You have to make sure that you have something to fall back on while you seek another job. Work is not easy to find and it can take time. It is a good idea to have a part-time job or even a paying hobby to take care of the necessary bills until you have a fixed income again.

And be sure to start saving…today! There is no better time than now, if you want to start anything worthwhile.

Each time you walk into the fast-food restaurant, think about how much you could be saving if you were willing to take a bit of time to prepare you own meals. Every time you quickly run into the local supermarket for a snack, multiply the amount by the number of times you spend money without thinking! You will be astonished after one year of just how much you were able to save!

Job insecurity is daunting, but it is not the end of the world.
It all depends on a bit of wisdom and common sense…and loads of attitude.

When you have the money, use it wisely

If you are in a good job with a good salary, make sure you use some funds to further your education or get another qualification.

You are never too old to learn something new. Give job insecurity a blow by turning your focus and perspective to the positive and the possibilities.

Money spent wisely, is money spent on decent Insurance cover!

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TOP 3 South African Life Insurance Companies for the best Insurance Products

Budget Life Insurance: Basic Life Cover

Basic Life Cover is an adequate Life Insurance package that everyone can afford. Your Basic Life Cover product includes:

Payment between R50 000 and R200 000 to beneficiaries of your choice in the event of your death

Funeral benefit up to R50 000 paid after beneficiaries 48 hours after a valid claim has been submitted

Terminal Illness Benefit is included (Cover amount will be paid out if you are diagnosed as terminally ill with a life expectancy of less than 12 months)

Cover for death due to natural causes after 2 years

While your policy is active, the cover amount will not decrease

You are covered for your whole life

You are covered for accidental death immediately

You are covered for suicide after the first 2 years

You get acces to Exspo-Sure (confidential HIV testing & treatment program)

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1st for Women

Why choose 1st for Women for Life Insurance?

Because 1st for Women understands the unique needs of any woman we offer you:

• No paperwork – purchase this policy with a simple telephone call in less than 20 minutes

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• You will be covered throughout your life

• Up to 10 beneficiaries allowed

• No fluctuation of premiums during the first two years

• We even cover suicide after the first two years

• No decrease of cover while your policy is active

• Add disablement and dread disease cover without reducing your life cover should you make a claim

• Life cover will be paid out should you obtain terminal illness with life expectancy of less than a year, before death

• You may qualify to increase your cover amount without the need for further underwriting

• You’ll have a choice between Basic or Elevated cover

• Tailor the policy to your needs and choice by adding value added products

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Dial Direct

Dial Direct Life Insurance Products available to you:

Pure Life Insurance

Your Pure Life Insurance provides you with a range of options that allow you to cover your life for up tp R10 million. This amount will be paid out to your nominated beneficiary or beneficiaries in the unfortunate event of your passing away.
Occupation-based Disablement Insurance

This product provides you with adequate financial compensation in the event that you are injured at work and become medically unfit and physically unable to continue your normal occupation or anything else suitable in your circumstances.
Event-based Disablement Insurance

This cover provides you with compensation should you become disabled due to a specific event that caused the disability.
Dread Disease Insurance

You are provided with cover if you are diagnosed with a terminal illness.


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