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The 7 Most Important Tips for Everyday Road Safety

Better road safety in South Africa is extremely important; as there are thousands of deaths on our roads every year. The amount of accidents and deaths soar every year during the Easter and December holidays, but road safety should be a part of every day. Here are some basic road safety tips to keep in mind when you venture onto the roads.

Drivers and pedestrians must follow the rules of the road. This sounds simple enough, but there are many who break the rules to disastrous results.

1 Seatbelt

Wear your seatbelt and place children in appropriate car seats to ensure their safety. Airbags are designed to work with seatbelts, not to replace them, so you still need to wear your seatbelt if your car has airbags.

2 Exhaustion

Don’t drive when you are exhausted or intoxicated. You can always make use of a taxi service when you go out to ensure that you get home safely.


Never ever drive when you have consumed too much alcohol.

4 Roadworthy

Vehicles should be roadworthy at all times. Be sure to have your car checked before you drive long distances or go on holiday.

5 Electronic Devices

Don’t use your cell, tablet or other devices while you are driving or walking.

6 Children

When traveling with children, it is important to keep them seated safely in a vehicle. Try putting on CDs or playing an audiobook when you’re on a long trip. You can also give them board games or colouring books. When you are walking with children, hold their hands when you cross the road. This will not only keep them from running ahead (or being left behind on a busy street), but also make them more visible as motorists can more easily spot an adult than a child. Children should also be taught how to cross a road safely.

7 Speed

It is better to arrive somewhere a few minutes late than to cause an accident.

By keeping these road safety tips in mind, you can better ensure your safety – and the safety of those around you – when you travel.

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You need Designated Driver Assist

Designated Driver Assist: Don’t let your ego rule the road

Here’s the thing: When you need Designated Driver Assist you jolly well NEED designated driver assistance. But by the time you need it, the alcohol is speaking and the tipsy ego is convinced of its own invincibility. Thousands of lives have been lost because of this contradiction in the human knowledge of its own limitations. Am I a spoil sport? Yes! A thousand times yes. I would rather be the recipient of censure than the killer of somebody’s child/ breadwinner/parent.

Designated Driver assist: The end of fun? – Certainly not!

It is a good idea for the designated driver to take charge of the vehicle keys at the start of the evening out. The problem with a friendly arrangement is that it is usually the same person who volunteers to be the driver when friends go out for “the old razzle dazzle” on the town. At this point I think we have a good opportunity to thank all those willing abstainers. It is not melodramatic to point out that these responsible people have saved the lives and limbs of many road users.

Designated Driver Assist: Options – Lifestyle decisions

Road deaths in South Africa have alarming statistics: Alcohol and speed are major causes. There is a new and heart warming movement afoot to deal with this problem in a no nonsense and non-emotive way.

Conscierge companies offer a variety of services to get people home safely after a night out. People that work hard mostly like to play hard, and making use of designated driver arrangements allows them to relax and enjoy themselves without either somebody having to still be ‘on duty’ or placing anybody at risk.

At this time Dial Direct offers a Designated Driver Assist cover that operates only in certain metropolitan areas. It is a marvellous service, but remember to make sure the service reaches to where you (are and where you like to party). The usual benefits (cash back rewards after four consecutive years of cover) apply but in addition to that you can book a trip only 90 minutes before required, and you can be taken home in the early morning hours, two trips per month are included (How often do you party anyway?) and you are entitled including two passengers. As an extra safety measure, two drivers are on duty.

Isn’t it time you looked at Designated Driver Assist as an Insurance option?

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Understanding why battered women stay with their partners

Understanding the reasons for not leaving an abusive partner will give clarity as to why battered women so often react with humiliation and confusion when asked about it. It is so wrong to conclude that women who are up against real abuse, will leave the abuser. The opposite is actually true.

Battered women – The Psychological Stages


She refuses to admit, even to herself, that there is a problem in her relationship. She’ll call the incident an “accident”. She makes excuses for the abusers violence and confidently believes it will never happen again.


The stage where she acknowledges the problem, but takes responsibility for it. In her mind she deserves to be beaten and that flaws in her character is putting her below her husband’s expectations.


The woman realizes the abuse is not her fault and that no one “deserves” to be beaten, though she is still committed to her marriage and stays with the abuser in the hope to work things out.


She accepts the abuser will not, or can not, stop his violent behavior and makes a decision to no longer submit to it.

In the stages of denial and guilt, the battered woman exists in a “fog” while living with the abuser. Psychologists recognize this dangerous state of indifference in domestic abuse victims. It is usually significant of the period before a battered women is finally killed by the abuser.

How does a woman get caught up in this situation?

Why wouldn’t a woman get out at the very first sign of ill-treatment? Many women pick partners in the hope of getting the love they longed for from their parents and didn’t fully get. Subconsciously they pick duplicates of their parents and end up with a partner who in many ways acts like either of the parents. If parents mistreated them as a child, they will likely pick partners adept of similar abuse. Battered women will continually try, though fruitlessly, to get the abuser’s love and approval. The same as it was with their parents.

When an abused child grows up, for them it’s normal to get hurt by the people you love. Their self esteem is very low from childhood and they can’t give a good reason for why they stay. Only therapy can change it.