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Your home is your place of safety and happiness, but also possibly the biggest investment of your hard earned money you will ever make! Your safe haven requires protection against various incidents.

Home Insurance is financial protection. You pay a premium for the cover. You might never have to claim against the policy, but in the case of a destructive event it may be the only way to avoid the cost of losing a home.

Policies from different companies differ, but most home insurance policies protect against the most general risk factors such as:

  • Fires of any size that could cause structural damage of the building or the contents inside or fixtures to your house.
  • Theft of things stolen from your home.
  • Vandalism – acts by destructive people such as broken windows or doors, graffiti, or other acts from such people.
  • Storm and/or flood damage for damage to your home caused by wind, hail, water, rain and ice.
  • Falling objects – protection from falling trees or other items that may fall onto your house and cause damage to the roof or other segments of the structure.

Home Insurance is your Responsibility

It is your responsibility to seek and find the policy that suits your individual needs as well as the need to be covered against specific events that is frequent in the area and neighbourhood where your house is built.

If any of the events that you have cover for, occurs you will simply have to fail a claim with your agent or directly with the Insurance Company. The company will make the funds available to repairs damaged items or replace what was lost.

Your policy provides cover up to amount specified in the policy. Take care to be sure that your Home Insurance coverage is enough to cover the full home value as well as additional coverage that may be needed. Be aware that the value of your house should not include the land value.


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The weather and our moods

Autumn / winter

Yes,  I have to agree that the weather does affect my mood.  For instance take this morning; I found this morning was most difficult to get out of bed.  We set the alarm for 05h30 and let it snooze until 06h00.  So I can ease into the day;  so to speak.  I try not to be moody but when it’s overcast and the sun isn’t shining and I don’t hear the birds singing in the garden I feel miserable and grumpy.  I believe it is called “Seasonal Affective Disorder” SAD.

I am depressed and it does take me some time to snap out of the mood, I tend to want to sleep-in until the sun comes out.  So when it is cold and the skies are grey and there just is not any sunshine around, those days I am depressed.  Then I notice things like I have ice cold hands and ice cold feet, it takes me ages to warm them.  I just feel like curling up and going to sleep.

Spring / summer

I suffer with some kind of allergy and when the season starts to change I will start sneezing.  I tend to be irritated and unapproachable early morning when it is cold.  I also have found I would rather keep to myself when I feel miserable so that makes me seem unapproachable.   As the season changes my mood either lifts or comes down.  It depends on the day.

I love waking up in the morning with the sun splashing into my bedroom, the birds singing and a slight breeze lifting my lace curtains.  I just cannot wait to jump out of bed, get the kids to school, my husband to work and start my day.

I enjoy the sun when I hang out the washing on the wash line and after all my chores I will go and sit down with a good book next to the swimming pool and read aloud.  It’s absolutely exhilarating to experience the warm sun on my skin and a slight breeze in my hair.  Sometimes I will sit on the side of the pool, book in hand and feet in the pool, swinging my leg as I read my book.  Those days are my favourite; drinking cold drink and snacking on a salad.

South African weather isn’t bad and I love most of my days, I do suffer every now and then with cold weather but in general, once I get my mind right I can enjoy the day, with a small attitude adjustment.


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Author:  Yvette van Niekerk

Biography: I have been writing my blog for the past couple of years and have been on Google+ for some time.  I love trying my hand at writing and hope to become a good writer.  I pray each day the Lord will inspire me to inspire people around me and give me the creativity I need to face the day.



Laugh a little on Mothers Day

If there’s one thing all mothers love to do, it’s to give advice.

I wonder if there is a Mom-gene that mothers are born with, because no matter which country they are from or which age they live in – they all tend to give the same advice. Mothers also have the prerogative to tell their children that they are always right, know best and have forgotten what you still have to learn. The sayings moms are fond of are drilled into their children and never forgotten. Take a look at the list of famous Mom Sayings and see if you recognize any of them …

Mom Sayings to put fun in Mothers Day this year

Ask your mom if she remembers any of the following sayings:

1   Money doesn’t grow on trees.

2  If I talked to my mother like you talk to me….

3  What if everyone jumped off a cliff? Would you do it, too?

4  Don’t put that in your mouth; you don’t know where it’s been!

5  Because I’m your mother, that’s why.

6  If I’ve told you once, I’ve told you a thousand times.

7  Because I said so.

8  I’ve got eyes in the back of my head, that’s how.

9  Bored! How can you be bored? I was never bored at your age.

10 Who’ll end up walking, bathing and feeding it …?

Do something special on Mothers Day this year

We may not always have seen eye to eye with our moms, but we knew that they loved us, no matter what we did or how naughty we were. They did their best and we sometimes like to joke that we turned out okay – in spite of our mothers!

Treat your mom on Mothers Day this year and spend some quality time with her. That’s the best gift a mom can get.





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