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At a recent Auto Insurance Report National Conference [AIR]  the theme was that advances in data collection will provide benefits to consumers and challenges for insurers. Sources of data will vary from government agencies to data collected from cars via telematics. Auto Insurance companies will have to figure out how to stay on top of up-and-coming demographic trends, including the increasing influence women have in the purchasing decision. They can increase their knowledge of customer needs and serve their clients better.

 Auto Insurance Facts revealed at the conference

1. Auto Insurance Market. There wasn’t much movement in the auto insurance market in the past few years, but the top 7 insurers increased their market share by aggressive pricing and advertising. That leaves some companies with waning revenues and at risk over the long-term. Only a few other companies showed growth resulting from first-class customer service and retention programs. If insurers make intelligent use of the new data they will improve their understanding of customer needs and discover growth prospects.

2.  Telematics. Companies have gone ahead assertively with their telematics schemes. Many major auto insurance companies have introduced programs over the last year. Telematics is an ends to a means. The best move is Usage-Based Insurance (UBI) – where a driver’s behavior is used to price the policy more accurately. Insurers cannot put off development of a UBI solution. Consumer demand will increase hand in hand with the adoption of UBI as well as the corresponding advertising budgets to flaunt these cheaper and smarter policies.

Google’s Self-Driving Cars was showcased where a legally blind person is able to commute using this “smart” technology. It is expected that these cars will be publicly available in 5 years. Safety ratings will be higher. Driving and accidents will be video-recorded. This will bring forth complicated implications for auto insurance companies and fresh challenges for underwriting and service.


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You need Designated Driver Assist

Designated Driver Assist: Don’t let your ego rule the road

Here’s the thing: When you need Designated Driver Assist you jolly well NEED designated driver assistance. But by the time you need it, the alcohol is speaking and the tipsy ego is convinced of its own invincibility. Thousands of lives have been lost because of this contradiction in the human knowledge of its own limitations. Am I a spoil sport? Yes! A thousand times yes. I would rather be the recipient of censure than the killer of somebody’s child/ breadwinner/parent.

Designated Driver assist: The end of fun? – Certainly not!

It is a good idea for the designated driver to take charge of the vehicle keys at the start of the evening out. The problem with a friendly arrangement is that it is usually the same person who volunteers to be the driver when friends go out for “the old razzle dazzle” on the town. At this point I think we have a good opportunity to thank all those willing abstainers. It is not melodramatic to point out that these responsible people have saved the lives and limbs of many road users.

Designated Driver Assist: Options – Lifestyle decisions

Road deaths in South Africa have alarming statistics: Alcohol and speed are major causes. There is a new and heart warming movement afoot to deal with this problem in a no nonsense and non-emotive way.

Conscierge companies offer a variety of services to get people home safely after a night out. People that work hard mostly like to play hard, and making use of designated driver arrangements allows them to relax and enjoy themselves without either somebody having to still be ‘on duty’ or placing anybody at risk.

At this time Dial Direct offers a Designated Driver Assist cover that operates only in certain metropolitan areas. It is a marvellous service, but remember to make sure the service reaches to where you (are and where you like to party). The usual benefits (cash back rewards after four consecutive years of cover) apply but in addition to that you can book a trip only 90 minutes before required, and you can be taken home in the early morning hours, two trips per month are included (How often do you party anyway?) and you are entitled including two passengers. As an extra safety measure, two drivers are on duty.

Isn’t it time you looked at Designated Driver Assist as an Insurance option?

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The history of Lexus

This premium brand of Toyota made its debut 25 years ago and the mission was to become the best car in the world. In many other countries Lexus is regarded as top notch as far as quality is concerned even when weighed against top German vehicles. Yet in South Africa people choose the German brands in bigger numbers.

This is confusing as there is no argument that Lexus is among the best made vehicles on our roads. The top-of-the-range LS460 limousine is regarded as: ‘in pursuit of automotive perfection”. Those who experienced it say it was very almost achieved.

What does Lexus LS460 have to offer?

Though it is not as fast or sharp-handling as some of the Germans and Jaguars which were aimed at top-level executives (government ministers?), but few cars are as elegant and luxurious yet laid back, as the LS460.

Very comfortable seats and the interior are fabulously leather upholstered. The air suspension dismisses most of the road deficiencies with barely a hiccup. The eight-speed auto transmission is so good that neither driver nor passenger can tell when gears are changed. It also sports the ultimate in NVH (noise, vibration and harshness) suppression technology.

The inside of the LS460 is a calm place to be. Together with its GS sibling, the LS radiates a Zen-like peace. You wont notice the world outside, as it is magically sealed off and kept out. You’ll be cruising in a bubble.

If you can afford this 285kW V8 limo with all its luxuries included and not optional, at slightly over R1.3 million, the silence and peacefulness will be alluring. When you have nothing to prove and are not bothered to flash anything, but you have worked long and hard to earn what you have, perhaps you should allow yourself this indulgence. I mean, why on earth not?

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