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Fake it until you make it – the sky is the limit

If you translate the word educate in Roman culture the literal translation is: to draw out. Even though this is a very small distinction, it has great implications. In other words it would mean that the process of education is not accomplished by adding more information to the content of the brain but rather to allow the information that has already taken up residence in the brain to come up to the conscious level.

This would mean that all of us were born with the information of all the knowledge of the world already placed in our brains, just sitting there, waiting for the day it could be brought up to the surface.

The implications that this theory holds is larger than one would expect. It would imply that is doesn’t matter what characteristics, qualities or attributes we have, it is all part of our individual genetic make-up. It would also mean that all of us are already confident as well as charming and whatever else we can think of being. It would imply that all of these attributes are within us, waiting for us to draw them out and utilize them.

Fake it till you make it – what do you believe?

Now, you as the reader have to decide if you believe that we were all born omniscient. That we were all born knowing everything and being everything. No matter if this theory is true or false, the important thing is what decision you will make. It is important due to the fact that what you decide will become your reality. It will become part of the way you think, live and act. It will become part of the process to self-improvement.

Just imagine the power of believing that the sky is the limit, that you can be whoever you want to be and achieve anything that you set your mind to. This means that you can live without any limitations and no restrictions.

What we interpret as reality will end up being our reality. Our reality is the only staff by which we can measure the quality of our path on Earth. We can decide whether or not we believe that we can be anyone we want to be or we can decide that we limit ourselves to the limitations that the world has set for us.

Everybody knows that we only use part of our brains, something like 3%. So what is hiding inside the other 97%. Think about it? Think hard and think deep, somewhere inside of your brain may be the answer to every single question that has never been asked.

Try everything and fake it until make it. In other words, you are able to do anything that you set mind to. This is if you believe my theory of course.

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Bad SA drivers: Shock stats

Driving standards in South Africa are shocking due to a useless driving test, blatant disregard for traffic laws by drivers, lack of policing and proper training.

A survey conducted by Goodyear on the behavior of young drivers predominantly showed they are not sufficiently prepared and need to improve their skills.

Bad SA drivers: Cautious driving

Drivers should practice cautionary driving and be obedient to the rules of the road. The road safety survey revealed that South Africa’s young drivers lack these traits.

The study was specifically designed to search a wide range of factors starting with driver training through to general concerns among young drivers.

As Goodyear is committed to addressing driver safety, it surveyed the behavior of 6400 drivers under the age of 25. The survey covered 16 markets which included South Africa. It was intended to get inside each young driver’s mind to understand their behavior.

Bad SA drivers: High scores for South Africans

South Africans scored highest in several misconducts. Accelerating to make it through an orange traffic light, SA scored 83% compared to 73% globally. Weaving from lane to lane to get ahead gave SA a score of 48%, which was 20% higher than global average.

The study showed 90% of young South Africans were fully contented to drive on their own after completing their training although more than a third acknowledged that they would fail the test if forced to take it again.

Bad SA drivers: Obtaining a license

Less young South African drivers passed their theoretical test on the first try than globally, 82% to 84%. There is a bigger difference when it comes to passing the practical test on first attempt, 59% to the global score of 68%. It is believed that many people in South Africa pay bribes to attain a license.

If driving training was inadequate, the mindset is that experience will pay off. Only 44% of young South Africans were trained to drive in heavy rain and only 39% were taught to drive at night. Most of the night time drivers are youngsters.

Young people are excessively involved in crashes and fatalities, making it critical to ensure that they are trained sufficiently by a driving school. A refresher course is also recommended.

K53 inconsistent

According to Antoinette Hurter of Volkswagen Driving Academy, driver training is nowhere near international standards and the K53 testing system is inconsistent across the country. Drivers who never had an accident is not automatically a good driver. She is mostly shocked when licensed drivers are evaluated by their instructors.

Check out their hi-jack prevention program and night driving course.

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Listen to Your Heart

The Roxette song Listen to Your Heart, instinctively find it’s way to your head here and we might even start singing it to ourselves over and over in our minds. What better reminder can we get? Psychologists and scientists evenly agree that our heart energy exceeds that of our brain by far and that our EQ (emotional quotient) is even more important than our IQ (intelligence quotient). Feelings carry a very strong message. We could also call it “Intuition” or “Sixth Sense”. Well, name it as you wish; this great truth is well worth pondering. These so called “sirens” or “red lights” are there to keep us from harm’s way. Many hardships could have been prevented if we just listened and followed the nagging little “voice” in our ear. If only we would pay attention to that funny “gut feeling”, right?

Body wisdom

Speaking of gut feeling; did you know that scientists and medical doctors found a separate set of nervous tissue in the human intestines, able to exist independently? Our bodies are really quite clever. It’s prime concern is to keep us healthy and out of trouble and is hard-wired for survival. It will always give us some kind of message when something is out of balance, even if it is just a subtle inkling. We shouldn’t blindly believe a doctor and accept the presented favorable (but sometimes false) diagnoses, against our intuition. Rather get a second opinion if you weren’t initially happy and as convinced by the diagnosis. In retrospect, most people instinctively know when something seems “off”. Sadly, there is no-one as deaf as those who don’t want to hear.

What If?!

What if we really start listening to our heart and body, would we be able to translate that subtle language and make sense of it? Couldn’t it be a recipe for hypochondria or paranoia then? Although our modern lifestyle numb most of our senses to a significant extend, we can learn to redevelop them. If we know our bodies and often make time to just be still and listen, we will understand with no necessity for panic.

Well, let’s see how some of the messages might present themselves?

–       Chronic Headaches and Migraines might not be a brain tumor though, but simply diet related, stress related, sleep deprivation or even dehydration. These in combination will surely guarantee a full blown migraine.

–       Muscle spasms and tension might warn you about your bad posture, but if you are stressed and tired too, take that message to heart.

–       When a lady suffers from menopausal Hot Flashes, especially certain times more than others, it might be due to excessive intake of caffeine and sugar or she might unknowingly be upset about something, making her “hot under the collar”.

–       Chronic fatigue might also be diet and stresses related, but never just blow it off to this.

–       Constant sore muscles in someone who is fit and used to exercise, could indicate too little protein intake. Those poor “starving” muscles are being overworked at the same time. No wonder they can never really heal properly.

–       Strangely enough, our bodies crave the very food not agreeing too well with us. Cravings can of course be for love, attention or acceptations, disguised as a food craving.

–       When we are angry or irritated with someone, is it that person’s fault or did it originate from somewhere else? The same goes for so called “vibes” we receive from someone else. Maybe we should clear our own vibes first and see what happens.

–       We all have wandered around in the shop for no apparent reason, after we got what we needed, just to catch a glimpse of something you forgot. Or we felt the urge to do something (really important) out of the ordinary and without realising. Well, I’m sure you get the picture!

No inkling, symptom or message should ever be ignored. Most of our body’s messages will have an easy solution, but symptoms persisting after the necessary lifestyle, diet and nutritional changes should always be further investigated. Anything found soon enough always has a more favorable outcome.


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