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The website is the face of your business. This is the very first thing potential clients come across. And as the saying goes: First impressions last. Clients believe that what they see is what they will receive, in quality and service. A poorly designed website implies the same about your business and the services it renders; and nothing else will convince anybody otherwise.

On the flipside, a good website with impeccable content promises just that! That takes you halfway there. This is where your business will have to live up to these promises and to your clients’ expectations, for starters. Make sure the business doesn’t let your website and its content down or vice versa. Don’t let yourself down; develop something you (and your mother) can be proud of.


Whether you trade from an upmarket address or a cyber business, website content must always be of the highest quality. Sometimes it should be even more so for the online businesses where the website provides the only means of information about your business. You don’t have a nicely decorated reception area or even a good looking front of house person to rely on for a good first impression. The content of the website is therefore just as important as the home page. In these fast moving times, potential clients want easy access and quick information to keep their attention. Remember, the next website is just a click away.

Physical businesses with the right location and all the proper trimmings like the fancy office, shop, modern decor etc. have a bit of an advantage. The more feet there are casually passing by your door in a day, the greater the chance of potential clientele. The value of visibility should never be underestimated, but that is just a bonus. You still need a good website with proper content, as that is the way most clients go about these days. It is just so much easier.


With the high cost of advertising these days, a website with good content might be an easier and more thorough solution to get the word out. This is also a sure fast way to get clients to come to you, even though other informal means of advertising like “word of mouth” and “walk in clientele” is just as valuable. Why not take advantage of every means of cheap or easy advertising.


Then there is always the matter of pride and good service. Is it still important to either business owner or client? So many people just accept bad service these days! And why does it sometimes seems like an uphill battle to get the service and professionalism you pay for? You end up feeling betrayed by a fantastic website and its empty promises. What will you then do as a potential client? You will tell everybody you know about your bad experience, of course! The easy “word of mouth” advertising will then bite you in the heel.


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Road Safety – Take the first step

It was Ghandi who said that in order to change the world we have to change ourselves. Thus Road Safety depends on you, as a responsible driver.

Caring for your Vehicle

You are only as safe as the car you drive. Make sure you keep an eye on the basic maintenance of the car. The following three items are the most important functions that should be in working order in order to attribute to Road Safety:

Tyres: Blow-outs can happen any time. Ensure your tyres are in a decent state, check them regularly and make sure you know what the right tyre pressure is for your particular vehicle.

Wipers: Weather is unpredictable so ensure your wipers are working and the rubber strips are not perforated. If your vehicle stands in the sun often this may be the case. Replace them as soon as you’ve noticed some deterioration. Needless to say – it is important to have a clear view of the road.

Brakes: The state of your vehicle’s brakes is one of the most important aspects of Road Safety. When faulty, you are vulnerable in any given situation. Take it to the dealers as soon as you detect a problem.

Keeping your Distance

Are you on of those drivers who likes bumper-driving? Remember, no matter how sharp your reflexes are, the chances of stopping in time when the driver in front of you has to brake all of a sudden, is not a beneficial factor when it comes to Road Safety.

Keep your distance; at least the length of 3 cars between yourself and the person in front of you, especially traveling at high speeds

If you Snooze you Lose

Long distance travel statistically heightens road accidents, mostly due to fatigue. Driving from point A to B is all about the journey, isn’t it? Exploring the places of interest along your travel path broadens your horison, allows you to make new friends and adds fuel to an interesting topic of discussion during dinner dates. Making sure you are not travel fatigued – so stop often and enjoy the journey!

Sticking to these simple basic principles of Road Safety will greatly improve your changes of arriving alive.

The choice is yours.


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“Speak to the Hand”

The Smart Way to Deal With Impossible People

The ongoing Oscar Pistorius murder trial has introduced some rather difficult people on either side of the case. We all know someone who seems to make every situation lethal or impossible.

We are all affected by the people around us. They don’t have to be perfect all the time and neither do you. Give respect because you are human. If you don’t receive respect, that is sadly their problem. You can learn how to steer interactions with impossible people and protect your own sanity.

Proven Tips for handling impossible people

• If the person is hitting a nerve end, just breathe. He may be fishing for a reaction, but show him none. Look him in the eye and state your views with confidence.

• Beware of your body language, speak softly and move calmly. Don’t reveal your own feelings. Your calm will have a calming effect on him.

• Avoid arguing as that will trigger your fight or flight responses and make it harder to think clearly.

• Don’t disagree with them; find ways to agree as it will deflate him from constantly looking for arguments.

• Don’t let this person “play the martyr” around you to make you feel guilt and confusion.

• The most healthy way to deal with an impossible person is to remove him from your environment. Know that you cannot “fix” this person.

• Be disconnected from things he says, be it a compliment or criticism. Giving him power to build you up, gives him power to knock you down.

• If you can, avoid him and forget about him.

• If you can’t leave, treat the situation like a game. Get to know his strategy and build counter strategies.

• Remember your ultimate goal is to free yourself mentally, not become their master.

• Do not enrage him, as he could completely lose it.

• If you manage to prove him wrong, he may “crash” and then declare that he is wrong all the time. It is a coping mechanism to provoke sympathy .

• Don’t keep taking the abuse. Tell him your thoughts and give ultimatums if you have to.


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