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Live the TRUE Spirit of Christmas

The Christmas season is upon us again and the shops are doing their utmost to let us know exactly what we and our loved ones need. So many people spend so much money during the Christmas season and, unfortunately, the expensive gifts we buy often end up forgotten in some drawer somewhere. In the process the true spirit of Christmas is often lost in the stress and the madness of the crowds at the malls.

Why not give some truly needed gifts this Christmas?

Here is a novel Christmas gift idea for you: why not make every gift you give a simultaneous gift to the environment? Our planet is struggling to cope with the greed, selfishness and abuse of the human race. Experts warn that our home, earth, will not be able to cope with these unreasonable demands for much longer. Unfortunately, it is our children, and their children, that will have to pay the price for our neglect. So, this Christmas, why not focus on gifts that will help the environment? Here are a few ideas.

  • Do you have loved ones that enjoy gardening? How about a compost maker for Christmas? Or a worm farm? You can get it at any garden centre and they do not cost the earth (literally and figuratively)!

  • Are you on a tight budget? What about an environmentally friendly shopping bag that can be used time and time again? In this way you will help to cut down the devastation caused by millions upon millions of plastic bags on our landfill sites.

  • If you buy beauty products as gifts, be sure to buy only products that have not been tested on animals.

  • When you buy toys, rather opt for gifts made from recycled materials and try to avoid elaborate packaging that will only become harmful waste. Toys that require batteries are never environmentally friendly and anyway, as soon as the batteries are flat the toy is relegated to the bottom of the cupboard.

  • It goes without saying that your wrapping paper and cards should be made from recycled paper.

This Christmas, make sure that all your gifts will make Mother Nature smile. If we do not all make an effort to help preserve our precious environment there may just be no Christmas for your great-grand children and their offspring.