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ISIS on the Roll – Paris Soft Targets Hit By ISIS Storm

Upon claiming responsibility on Saturday for the no less than seven terror attacks of Friday the thirteenth on soft targets in the French capital, Islamic State (also known by different acronyms IS / ISIS / ISIL) warned this to be the first of the storms: “Let France and those who walk in its path know that they will remain on the top of the list of targets of the Islamic State”. The attacks were the latest of numerous ISIS attacks in several other countries, mostly in the Middle East, since the onset of the group’s global strategy in 2014.

Two bomb attacks were launched in a four mile radius around the Stade de France soccer stadium simultaneously with when gunmen killed 15 customers at both a restaurant and a close by bar in Rue Bichat. Five others were killed straight after at Casa Nostra Pizzeria and 19 at La Belle Equipe bar. The Bataclan concert hall in Boulevard Voltaire where 1500 (what they called “idolators at a festival of perversity”) attended a rock concert of The Eagles of Death Metal was the next target. For two hours and forty minutes, young attendees were mowed down by AK47 rifles and two suicide bombings, resulting in a death toll of 89. The last explosion took place at a McDonalds restaurant outside the Stade de France. This reign of terror across Paris resulted in 129 deaths and 329 injuries. According to French police, seven of the eight attackers who died were suicide bombers.

France first fell out of favour with Al Qaeda (who usually rather focus on military and political target) when cartoonists of the satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo according to them, dishonoured Prophet Muhammad and lampooned Islam. Three masked gunmen stormed the offices in January this year, killing 17 people in the massacre. As part of the American coalition striking ISIS targets in Iraq and Syria, France remains their priority target. Another problem seems to be the ISIS franchises popping up like mushrooms, while operating in their own manner separate from main ISIS guidelines.

Paris: “City of Love”

Beautiful Paris is known as the city of love and romance, the place where magic happens. ISIS on the other hand called it the “capital of prostitution and obscenity” in one of their encrypted messaging accounts. They also refer to President François Hollande as the “Fool of France” while blaming him for the attacks. The devastating violations of last weekend’s explosions shocked the world in it’s foundations, provoking sharp reaction from world leaders.

An Eye for an Eye

That is just the thing with war; there can never really be a winner. Even though one party came out on top, so to speak, the so called victory comes at a price and many times a significant high price. The wounds left by war sometimes can take a lifetime to heal, if at all. Unfortunately, such terrorist activities cannot be left and certainly needs to be stopped. The only way we know is to fight back. You slap me; I slap you, as easy as that, right? France declared war with counter attacks on ISIS training camps in Syria, contributing to this vicious circle with no end.

Paris Victim’s Oscar Winning Performance

Reading her Facebook post, one soon realizes that this special young lady is no victim, despite the deep emotional scars imprinted on her soul, but victorious survivor. Isobel Bowsery, 22 year old South African student miraculously survived the massacre by “playing dead” for about an hour amongst all the dead bodies scattered around her. Her moving Facebook post reached more than 1.3 million shares. It is the story of heartbreak, but also of gratitude, compassion and hope, with a lesson for all of us.