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What is Your View of Success?

It’s easy to find the definition of “success” in the dictionary, but we also have a subjective understanding of what success is. We each have an idea of what we regard to be success or what a successful person is. While it is important for each of us to strive to be successful in our lives, it is just as important that we don’t impose our idea of success on someone else – or let them impose their idea of success on us.

The idea of celebrity as success (giving little or no thought to what gives you your fifteen minutes of fame) or that the amount of money you have constitutes how successful you are, are rife. Within this success, more often than not, the focus is only on the self and has little to do with interpersonal relationships. There seems to be an idea of a homogenous success that is applicable to everyone – one idea (or definition) of what success is and should be. This one definition suddenly becomes the thing you should strive for, no matter what your idea of success has been all along. And, if you don’t, you should consider yourself a failure.

It seems that we have forgotten how important it is for everyone to have their own place in the world where they can decide for themselves if they are successful or not. Success is not some golden ticket we get handed when we make a lot of money or have our face on a magazine. Success is spending your life trying to make the world a better place for everyone, not just yourself.

Perhaps your place is at the head of a company. Perhaps your place is at home, caring for your children. Perhaps your place is in both these places. Or perhaps your place is somewhere completely different. But, if you know that this is where you should be – independent of what anyone else says or thinks – you know that you have reached true success. True success is living your life to the best of your ability.

Author: Carin Marais

Carin Marais writes web articles, guest and blog posts, and fiction. With interests ranging from pop culture and technology to literature, mythology and archaeology, her writing covers diverse subjects. To contact Carin for articles and guest posts, or to read her work, go to her home page, her blog Hersenskim or follow her on @CarinMarais.


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The 7 Most Important Tips for Everyday Road Safety

Better road safety in South Africa is extremely important; as there are thousands of deaths on our roads every year. The amount of accidents and deaths soar every year during the Easter and December holidays, but road safety should be a part of every day. Here are some basic road safety tips to keep in mind when you venture onto the roads.

Drivers and pedestrians must follow the rules of the road. This sounds simple enough, but there are many who break the rules to disastrous results.

1 Seatbelt

Wear your seatbelt and place children in appropriate car seats to ensure their safety. Airbags are designed to work with seatbelts, not to replace them, so you still need to wear your seatbelt if your car has airbags.

2 Exhaustion

Don’t drive when you are exhausted or intoxicated. You can always make use of a taxi service when you go out to ensure that you get home safely.


Never ever drive when you have consumed too much alcohol.

4 Roadworthy

Vehicles should be roadworthy at all times. Be sure to have your car checked before you drive long distances or go on holiday.

5 Electronic Devices

Don’t use your cell, tablet or other devices while you are driving or walking.

6 Children

When traveling with children, it is important to keep them seated safely in a vehicle. Try putting on CDs or playing an audiobook when you’re on a long trip. You can also give them board games or colouring books. When you are walking with children, hold their hands when you cross the road. This will not only keep them from running ahead (or being left behind on a busy street), but also make them more visible as motorists can more easily spot an adult than a child. Children should also be taught how to cross a road safely.

7 Speed

It is better to arrive somewhere a few minutes late than to cause an accident.

By keeping these road safety tips in mind, you can better ensure your safety – and the safety of those around you – when you travel.

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Apple Watch – Apple’s most personal device to date

To Apple, the challenge was to create more powerful technology that is more accessible to all. More applicable and more individual. Apple Watch initiates a new episode in the connection between man and technology.

Apple watch – But Why?

This is an iPhone-compatible smartwatch formally labelled Apple Watch. This smart device comes away from the epic iWatch signature. Now the Apple Company is concentrating on its first fashionable, wearable technology. Apple watch is many things, BUT boring is not one of it! 

Apple watch – An exceptionally accurate timepiece

For a watch to be defined as high-quality, it depends on its ability to keep unfailingly accurate time. Apple Watch is most definitely not an exception. In concurrence with your iPhone, it is said to keep time within 50 milliseconds of the absolute global time standard. It even allows you to convert the watch face to present time in an expressive, personal context that reflects your life and personal schedule.

Apple watch to communicate?

This technology is communication made convenient. Besides reading email, receiving calls, you’ll receive social media messages and updates. Being on your wrist, it produces a physical element to alerts and notices. The wearer will experience a mild tap for every incoming message.

Apple watch – your personal fitness guide

An Activity app supplies the full picture all your activity in a day. It records your daily progress and motivates you to sit less, move and get exercise. You’ll receive real time stats for various prevalent workouts. In time your Apple Watch will know your activity and fitness level. From that it will recommend personal activity goals, including reminders to motivate you to achieve it. 

An Apple Watch for everybody

Your apple watch will be far more than just a tool. It will be a display of your personal style and taste. And budget. The designs will suit a wide assortment of styles and preference for the main purpose; that you will enjoy wearing it as much as you already love using it.

Pre-orders start on April 10 and the price will vary from $349 for the entry-level Sport model to $17,000 for the upper class 18-karat gold editions. The top price is certainly not for everybody!

Apple Watch launches on April 24. Be ready to get yours.