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Putting the Gold into Black Friday

Black Friday follows Thanks Giving and although much has been done to remove the stigma from the phrase ‘Black Friday’, it still does not sound easy on the ear. Here are some guidelines to minimize the darker side of this day that opens the season for Christmas shopping, and turning it into a ‘Gold Friday’ for you.

Swop Black Friday for Gold Friday

The retail industry will do everything in its means to lure the public to shop on Black Friday. Specials and price cuts will be advertised, making it hard to miss those bargains. The frenzy of shopping can be avoided by waiting a couple of days or even a week. It may be difficult, but it’s doable.

Make a List

Knowing what you need to purchase and where to find it, will make things so much easier. Make a shopping list, source the best prices and list it under the particular outlets. Shop smart, not hard, is the secret.

It’s a ‘man’ thing… Go in, get it, and get out.

Be a Group Shopper

Volunteer to shop for 3 other people and tackle it all in one go. This way one person shops for a group, and 3 people less enter the fray. Make sure this favor includes a little treat like a well deserved cup of coffee and cake or a massage voucher! Your friends will appreciate this greatly and surely pay you in kind.

Use Public Transport

Public transport has a way of eliminating driving stress and parking headaches. If your shopping list is short enough and you are able to carry the items, rather make use of public transport. On the long run it will cost less moneywise and lighten traffic jams. The police force will welcome the diminished amounts of traffic congestions and road accidents.